Winding Down

Hey Y’all!

Christmas came and went in a flash – I blinked, and it was over.  But, Christmas morning was fabulous.  It was Anthony’s second Christmas, but really his first Christmas when he understood that he was getting presents and that he was a good boy all year, so Santa came.  His face lit up when he saw that Santa left him a slide under the tree.  Seeing him so excited despite his awful cold was really the only gift that I needed this year.  I got great presents from my family, a beautiful diamond necklace from DJ, and a sign from my sister-in-law that made me cry like a baby.

This was my first Christmas without my grandma, and to be honest, it’s like I didn’t know what to do.  I felt so lost with out her.  I miss her every single day, and life just doesn’t seem the same without her.  She was my best friend, my grandma, my mother, and everything in between.  There has never been a single woman that I have admired more in my life than my Nan, and this year without her just felt wrong.  We went to mass on Christmas eve, and I lost it there too.  The beautiful music, and the presence of God, made me feel like I was close to her – even just for a minute.  It was really the first time this entire season that I was able to take a break from everything, and it hit me – she was gone.

On Christmas Eve, we went out for Japanese steakhouse, and it was DELICIOUS, but again, it still made me miss my grandma, and made me feel a little empty inside.  As the night progressed, we spent time with family, and friends, and I felt a little more comforted.  I ended my evening talking with my family around the tree awaiting Uncle Joe’s arrival.  I made everyone Christmas pajamas, and we opened them on Christmas Eve.

me and my sister in law
me and my sister in law
Santa came for a visit
Santa came for a visit

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Christmas morning, as I said was a blast.  I prepared the meat for my breakfast frittata on Christmas Eve morning, and had everything ready to go for the morning.  All we had to do when we got up was crack some eggs, and whisk them with milk and ricotta cheese, mix in the breakfast meat and top it with cheese and bake.  The frittata baked while we opened presents.  I just love being organized like that!

Throughout the day, I worked on making dinner, I didn’t end up cooking beef wellington (despite my desperate desire to make it), and made a standing rib roast.  I actually was so overwhelmed with the season, and my flood of emotions, I forgot to take pictures – of the table, and of the food… =| (Oops!)  For the side dishes, we had roasted parsnips and carrots, roasted green beans, brussel sprouts with bacon, peas and corn and mashed potatoes.  It was a very simple meal – and very delicious.  I was happy that I didn’t take on too much – maybe next year when I am coping with things in my life better.

During my alone time this year, I reflected on what I want for 2013 – and all I can think of is sharing my blessings with those who need it and fighting hunger in this country.  NO ONE should go hungry, and I am going to do all I can working with the Food Bank to do this.  Through this, I am going to work on sharing budget friendly recipes, and budget friendly menu plans that I can share with the families in need and with those families who receive assistance.  This way they can utilize all of their food to the fullest and get multiple delicious meals.  I have many thoughts in my head right now, and many written down – all I need to do is put them into action and make it work to help these families!

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May the season bless you and your family,

With Love,
Miss Lindsie


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