What to Look for When Finding Assisted Living for Your Parents

Just because someone needs additional care and support does not mean that they need to throw away all that makes life worth living. Assisted living communities offer that happy place between both options. Residents are given the support they need to maintain their health while also having access to social activities, trips, events, visitors, and so much more. There are exceptional assisted living options out there and finding the best one for your parents can be one of the best things that you do for them. When it comes to finding the perfect option for your parents, ensure that the community offers these benefits: 

Quality Healthcare 

The facility needs to be able to provide for your parents’ needs and any evolving needs that they may have. This includes trained professionals as well as those who know how to use any specialist equipment or are happy to be trained in using that equipment. The good news of course is that with the rise in telehealth services your parents can often continue to see their doctor or FNP for checkups, but even with telehealth you will want on-site care options, especially for everyday aid. Luckily, according to Brightview Senior Living, the best communities offer access to excellent healthcare.

Site Security 

The property should be safe, secure, and monitored. Seniors, especially those with advanced health conditions, can become a prime target for thieves and even scammers. By having on-site security, your parents will have round-the-clock security protection and that can give everyone essential peace of mind. 

Great, Healthy Food 

The food is critical. Unless the facility you are interested in is entirely self-catered, you will want to ask yourself a few essential questions. How tasty is the food? How nutritious is the food? Can the chef work with allergies and food intolerances? Is there a choice for each meal? Healthy, nutritious meals that taste great are a true treat. For the best option, of course, a mix of catered and self-catered can be ideal. This way your parents have the option to cook, or alternatively, they can go for dinner with everyone else. 

Comfortable, Beautiful Surroundings

This will be your parent’s home, and just like their own home that they may be moving out of, their new home should be comfortable, stylish, and comfortable. Not every retirement community offers a high standard of design, but the best ones do. Not only should you consider the community area itself but also where it is located. Are there nice parks and walks nearby? What is there to do on a day trip? 

Social Activities and Events 

Social connections are so important. Many seniors choose to relocate to a retirement community simply so that they can live near other retirees and their peers. Being near people is just the minimum, however. The community organizers should also work to create a full calendar of events with various levels of accessibility so that your parents can join in regardless of what accessibility needs they may have. 

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