What To Do If Your Kiddos Keep Losing Things At School or Daycare! StickerKid Label Review

Have your kids ever come home with someone else’s stuff from school or daycare?  Anthony sure has, and we have lost many things  at the same time.  And now that he has started playing soccer, we have even more things to get lost and jumbled up with all of the other kids stuff.  And God only knows that if they DO lose something, it can lead to a very upset child.  This is why we have to label EVERYTHING, and when StickerKid asked me if I wanted to try their labels, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.   In the past we have used a sharpie, and put our name on whatever was ours, just to find that it has worn off in the dishwasher or with use.


StickerKid has labels in every shape, size and color you could imagine with different fonts (I’m a sucker for fonts), and are 100% customizable!  There are labels for everything your kids would need, and there are even labels for seniors.


We ordered the medium labels, there were 44 – so more than enough to label everything for soccer, and daycare, and I was able to write whatever I wanted on them, with two lines of text, and a picture.  We chose the medium size because Anthony is still so small, and his things are so small, the larger labels would have overwhelmed them.   StickerKid has so many different sizes though, you really can customize them to whatever it is that you need!


StickerKid labels are water resistant, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washer and dryer safe – they have iron-on labels too for daycare and school clothes, and have a 10 year warranty on durability, color sharpness and scratch resistance.  The company was established in 2004 by parents, just like you and I.



StickerKid made it easy to tell who’s water bottle was who’s at soccer, and at school, Anthony’s teachers are always able to tell what water bottle actually belongs to Anthony, because of the label.  With so many kids with the same things, StickerKid makes it really easy to make sure that your kids stuff comes home.


Kids have allergies?  Label everything so that other parents, coaches and teachers know that your kiddo has an allergy.  Are your parents starting to get older, and need reminders of phone numbers, and when to take medications?  StickerKid has labels for that too.

The Verdict?

StickerKid is fantastic!  The labels are extremely durable and are quality made.  They do what they say, and look like new after many passes through the dishwasher, and after lot’s of abuse at school.  I was very impressed with my labels, and have even used them at school, to label bowls, and different items for different classes.  It makes it so much easier to tell what goes where with these labels.  I think my favorite part about the labels though, was customizing them.  I was able to choose my own font, and could have even uploaded my own photo if I wanted too.  StickerKid really makes it easy to make these labels your own.  The website was very easy to navigate too, so for your older kids, that use the computer, they could create their own labels for things at school, and in sports.  I will definitely be ordering more labels when mine run out.

Check them out, and create your own labels for your kiddos, or for your elderly parents.  Whatever your labeling needs are, StickerKid has a label!


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