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We’re all moved in… kinda.  We did a lot of eating out during the moving week and I realized just how expensive that gets, and how essential having a meal plan is.  Getting back to it, I have created a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan with snacks for our family, and am sharing it with you.  The meal plan also includes the grocery list and recipes.

free meal plan

During the move in process, we purged and tossed/donated a lot of food.  It was really nice being able to set up my fridge and pantry again, in a clean space and know just exactly what I have.  I wrote down everything in my fridge, freezer and pantry right now so that I can plan my meals around it.  I have been buying as little as possible, trying to use up all of the stuff we have.  We have a lot of stuff.  I’ve made a few trips here and there to the store, mostly just to buy stuff for new recipes that I have wanted to try in my Instant Pot since the move in too, adding to my inventory.

Since the move in, we’ve been eating a lot cleaner too… and it feels great!  I’m creating new twists on some old recipes, making them a little healthier and adding in more vegetables.  This is what I have left after the move in:

Fruit and Veggies

3 romaine hearts
cauliflower rice
red potatoes
sweet potatoes
bell pepper
3 ears corn
2 avocados
green onions

Meat and Poultry – all frozen

1 lb chuck roast
3 pkg hot dogs
3 cornish game hens
2 1/2 lbs ground beef 


cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese (block and fresh)
feta cheese
goyza wrappers
cream cheese


english muffins
corn tortillas
flour tortillas
good bread
2 boxes pomi
tomato sauce
2 cans diced tomatoes
refried black beans
black beans
pinto beans
baked beans
beef broth
chicken stock
egg noodles
white and brown rice
cous cous
2 cans tomato soup
1 can cream of mushroom
cornbread mix
3 bags multi grain tortilla chips


french fries
bag of chicken parts (bones, skin, fat etc..)
broccoli rice

In addition to what I’ve always been making for the fam jam, Joey is now starting on solids, so there is going to need to be some more veggies added to my list each week.  But that’s ok with us, because we’re trying to eat cleaner anyways!  We did it for a long time before, and want to get back to it, and start eating Weekday Vegetarian again.  We all felt better and saved a hell of a lot of money on meat each month!

Step one, complete.

On to step two… reading the weekly sale flyers.

In our house, Thursday is our Friday, and it’s generally the day I do our grocery shopping for the week, and a lot of times, leftover night.  Keep that in mind when looking at this weeks meal plan below.  The sales this week weren’t as great as last weeks, but they are still fairly decent.  I will however, head to Sprouts tonight so that I can take advantage of their double-flyer day.  Every Wednesday, you are able to shop sales from the current flyer and the flyer from the previous week.

Home now!

Went to Sprouts, and totally cleaned up!  All of the groceries I bought at Sprouts are listed in red above.  So, what’s cookin’ this week?

I’m excited about this weeks menu.  It’s very healthy, and uses up all of the ingredients.  Although I am not using the ground beef I bought this week, I’ll be using it next week and the week after.  In the FREE Download, I have included my grocery list for the week, and below there is a break down of where I bought everything how much everything costs.  Although I had some of this in my fridge, pantry and freezer already, I keep my receipts- especially because I use them with the kick-ass app, iBotta, so I know how much I spent on ingredients.

This is how I spent my money…

Sprouts = $31.90 $26.90
(minus $5 off $30 coupon)

avocados – $1.98
spinach – $4.99
basil – $3.99
snap peas – $2.99
garlic – $0.50
celery – $0.88
leek – $0.76
lime – $0.50
onions – $1.87
jalapeños – $0.20
parsley – $0.33
cilantro – $0.33
green onions – $0.50
romaine – $0.98
cabbage – $0.85
mushrooms – $2.99
tortilla chips – $3.29 (for 3 bags)
edamame – $5.97 (for 3 bags)

Farmer’s Market = $12


Walmart = $39.47

english muffins  – $1.98
crackers – $2.48
tortillas – $2.78
pasta – $1.00
pomi – $6.96
tomato sauce – $1.24
lasagna – $1.24
cereal – $1.98
tomato soup – $1.59
yogurt – $3.49
bacon – $7.96
orange juice – $2.49
iced coffee – $4.28

Costco = $29.24

cream – $4.99 (1/2 gallon)
eggs – $6.98 (18 ct organic)
parmesan cheese – $10.28
feta cheese – $6.99 (32 oz)

I’ll use both cheeses throughout the rest of the month.

King Soopers = $39.56

goyza – $3.39
cheddar – $1.99
mozzarella – $1.99
fresh mozzarella – $4.99
snack cheeses – $4.28
queso fresco – $2.50
ricotta cheese – $2.98
chuck roast – $7.29
american cheese – $3.17
good bread – $6.98

The extra goyza wrappers, american cheese and queso fresco will be used throughout the rest of the month.

Total = $147.17

I know it seems like a lot compared to previous menus, but this price here is if I had absolutely nothing in my fridge and freezer.  Most of this menu was actually planned around what I already had, so it really wasn’t too bad.

I’d say on average though, I only spend about $120 a week on breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, including shopping sales for extra groceries that I can freeze.  So I’d say my monthly grocery budget is $500.  I’m very comfortable with this as my budget.  When we do stick to the Weekday Vegetarian diet that we like so much, it really helps with the cost of things because meat is expensive.  Dairy is too though… and we eat a lot of cheese.

So, what do you think?  Is this the kinda meal planning that you can get into?  Starting in September, in addition to my regular Dinner Meal Planner, I will be offering a meal plan like this, with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoy your free one-week meal planner, and please leave some feedback on what you think!

Get your free copy by clicking the link below.  All that’s left to do is download, print and shop!


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