The Updates Your Kitchen Needs this Summer!

The Updates Your Kitchen Needs this Summer!

We’ve gotten you set up with the kitchen tools you need for events of all types, found the recipes that are sure to have your guests mouths watering, and now we’re going to tackle another hot button issue—kitchen upgrades. These are the kitchen design trends you’ll want to include in the heart of your home this summer.

Whitewash Be Gone

For a while there, white kitchens were king, but recent trends have seen a huge movement toward gray hues. Using a soft grey can help you easily match with other kitchen décor pieces, and still maintains that open and light feel that a kitchen should incorporate. You’ve likely noticed gray has been on trend for several years now in various rooms of the home, so this step towards stylish stormy sky hues is sure to see your entire home reflecting a trendy and elegant vibe.

Automated Offerings

We might not have all the gizmos and gadgets promised in “Back to the Future”, but there sure are some nifty technological offerings for the modern kitchen. If you want to find ways to update your kitchen this summer and make life easier for you and your family, look into automation options. Start small if you’re hesitant by grabbing some Motionsense Faucets from Moen.

Colorful Sinks

Instead of constantly pouring Clorox into your white sink to keep it looking perfect, look towards the colorful sinks that have become all the rage in recent months. If you’re a fan of bright and vibrant looks that incorporate a little bit of personality, then this could be the perfect addition to your kitchen. From light blue to lime green, pink to purple, you’ll find a sink in your favorite shade.

A Moving Island

If you don’t already have a kitchen island or simply could do with some more table space, consider an up cycled, movable kitchen island. You can turn this into a fun DIY project. Hit up a local thrift store or scour your neighborhoods for weekend garage and estate sales and set your sights on any beautiful old dressers. These can be repurposed into wheeling kitchen islands with plenty of storage space. Put on a new finish, attach some wheels to the bottom and slip in and out of the middle of the kitchen whenever you need.

New Storage Space

We all know the importance of keeping our kitchen space clean and clear of chaotic clutter, so start the summer off on the right foot by purchasing some new storage options and have a place for everything, and everything in its place. If you have a seating area set up against the wall, look into bench seats from that will swing up and allow for hidden storage options.

An Indoor Garden

Make sure your offerings are always made with the freshest ingredients by sourcing them from your kitchen. Put together an indoor garden by bolting mason jars to one side of a piece of driftwood or lumber found at a local hardware store. Fill each with soil and plant your favorite herbs, whether it be fragrant rosemary or delectable basil. Every time you need to add a pop of flavor, you’ll have a delicious option right within arm’s reach.

A Bar Cart

If you love to entertain and fancy yourself an amateur mixologist, add a special bar cart to your kitchen setup for all those drink creation needs. This simple update won’t break the bank but will add plenty of personality to your kitchen space. You can find bar carts of all types on Joss Main, whether you’re looking for something with classic appeal or modern lines. Once you’ve got your cart in place, ensure you have all the accoutrements you need to make it fully functioning and guaranteed to delight guests. First, you’ll need the perfect receptacles for your delicious libations. Of course, the staple dinner pairing calls for modern wine glasses, the classic spirits lover will need personalized scotch glasses, and you might even want to invest in unique shot glasses. Add a little bit of flair with decorative straws, and fill the bottom of your cart with your favorite libation ingredients.

Incorporating these design trends into your kitchen this summer will make your dishes easier to prepare and make the cooking process even more enjoyable.

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