The Magical Plate

Getting Kids To Eat Healthy At A Young Age with The Magical Plate

Need help getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies?  Read on!

Encouraging kids to eat their veggies can be tough!  Especially with so many tempting junk foods that are so easily available.  This is why I try and sneak veggies into every meal I make. 

I’m lucky that my Anthony eats his veggies, but when I was working at the preschool, there were so many children who just left their veggies on their plates and didn’t even think about them, wouldn’t taste them and there was no convincing them otherwise. 

Our kids (for the most part) eat both breakfast and lunch at school.  We all know the stigmas with school lunches, but the truth is, that most lunches aren’t very healthy at all. Worst part of it is that the schools CAN afford healthier choices, we just choose not to because it’s more work to prepare fresh fruits and veggies than it is to open up a can – if that even happens.

School breakfasts and lunches are filled with processed, mass produced foods, and rarely have the option of fresh fruit, and if there is “fruit”, it’s either juice or craisins.  There is no way at all with these types of meals our kids are getting nourished.  And school lunches are just about the same.  Processed foods, a lack of vegetables, and canned fruits in corn syrup.

And we wonder why children are obese, having health issues and have no energy to play or move away from their tablets, video games or phones.  We have become lazy because of the foods we eat. 

Busy, working parents count on school meals to keep their children nourished throughout the day, and although kids are full, they are full of junk.  Parents are counting on kids eating healthy meals at school, because we all know what it’s like to come home after a busy day at work, figure out whats for dinner, and then fighting with your kids to eat their vegetables.  It stressed both Mom and Dad out, and it stresses the kids out too.  As parents we want what is best for our kids, and by forcing our kids to eat veggies, they are going to rebel, and it’s going to be even worse.

When Althea Sinclair, the author of a children’s e-book called THE MAGICAL PLATE, a book that takes kids on a journey of healthy eating, contacted me, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.  Eating healthy, and feeding our children healthy meals is so important to me.  I aspire to be able to create recipes and meal plans for school districts.  These kids are going to be our doctors, our lawyers, our teachers – and under nourishment makes it hard for kids to excel.

The Magical Plate

In The Magical Plate, Fruity and Veggie, along with The Magical plate enlist a group of garden friends and a little boy named Unhealthy.  Fruity and Veggie take Unhealthy on an adventure to convince Unhealthy to eat better.  But they need to look out for Junk Food, a villain who has tricked Unhealthy!  Has Junk Food tricked Unhealthy for good?  Only kids who eat their fruits and veggies will find out! 

The book is so fun, and explains to children the importance of eating their fruits and veggies.  It explains how different fruits and veggies effect our health, and the benefits of all different colors of food – making fruits and veggies fun!  I love the suspense too, and so do kids. 

The Magical Plate

Do your kids eat their fruits and veggies?  If not, how come?  Help your kids to start eating healthy at a young age and fight childhood obesity with The Magical Plate. 

If you have Kindle Unlimited, the book is currently FREE right now, and if not, the e-book is available for only $5!  And in my humble opinion, is the best $5 you’ll spend.  Teaching your kids healthy eating habits now will help your children in the future.  Healthy children do better in school and have more energy, and less sick days!

Get your copy of The Magical Plate and help your kids embrace the love of fruits and veggies!

Teach your kids to love veggies today with THE MAGICAL PLATE and find out what happens in the next book – What Will Unhealthy Do?

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