The Big Day Draws Closer

Hey Y’all!

As the big day draws near, and no, not the Apocalypse, it’s time to start getting everything together and see what still needs to be done.  For me, it’s finishing up a few gifts, and baking all of those cookies.  I really like lists to get everything together and to get things done – on time.  I have to do lists, to buy lists, and to make lists… lists, lists, lists everywhere!

Should I get the chance, I’ll actually be able to get the stuff done.  Today, I am delivering four sweet potato pies to the Raleigh Rescue Mission.  I feel like giving back, and sharing with others is the greatest gift that I can give.  Now families will be able to enjoy dessert with their Christmas dinners.

I have planned my Christmas dinner menu, and all that is left to do is get the groceries and make the dinner!  I am also making a frittata for Christmas morning.  It can bake while we open gifts.  I’ll get everything ready on Christmas Eve, and then all that is left is to throw it in the oven!  I have probably revised this menu about 100 times, and I have had to take stuff out, and add things.  I wanted to make broccoli and cauliflower au gratin, but for some reason, DJ doesn’t want cauliflower – he says he doesn’t like it… but I know he does.  Picky pants!  So, I have added green beans with almonds instead!  This is our menu so far:

  • beef wellington
  • mashed potatoes
  • green beans with almonds
  • brussel sprouts with bacon
  • roasted carrots and parsnips (or glazed carrots and parsnips… depends on my mood, and oven space)
  • sauteed mushrooms with rosemary

I am sure that it will change in the next day or so!  I am getting the groceries on Sunday, I think.  Probably my best bet.  I want to avoid going out as much as possible on Monday!  We are going to mass and out for dinner, but that is about it.

Well, I am off to make a blanket, and some more cookies.  Wish me luck – I have to go to the grocery store.  Friday before Christmas… eeeek.  I’m scared.  LOL.

Talk to you all soon, and I wish you all good luck this weekend with finishing up your gifts.

With Love,


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