Thanksgiving Planner – Get A Head Start on Thanksgiving Now with FREE Printables!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite months!  We always celebrate early with a Friendsgiving dinner with our family friends, and again a second time, just the three of us on Thanksgiving Day.  Most of the time, our second Thanksgiving is just appetizers while we watch football all day.  Like in previous years, I have created a Thanksgiving Planner for you to make your Thanksgiving Foolproof.  Below is a FREE printable Thanksgiving Planner to help plan your day!

I am really excited about this years Thanksgiving menu.  Since we’re having 10 adults and 7 kids this year, I have planned a little bit of a bigger menu than usual and have included all sorts of NEW recipes!

Delicious right?

Thanksgiving involves a lot of preparation.  This Foolproof Thanksgiving plan with FREE planning printables has everything you need to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving!  I’ve included a printable Thanksgiving themed Menu Plan, Grocery List, Guest List, Entertaining Checklist and Blank Recipe Name Cards!

I have also created a Detailed Thanksgiving Planner which includes all of the above plus a menu with grocery list, a day by day, step by step planning checklist, 22 recipes and completed recipe name cards.  Get it for only $5 in my Etsy Store.  Use promo code THANKSFREE and get a copy my Kitchen Conversion Chart for FREE!

Let’s Get Planning!

Planning starts a few weeks before Thanksgiving to get planning, you need to first figure out who’s coming for dinner.  Send out some invitations and fill out a Guest List.  Figure out within the next couple of weeks who’s bringing what and how many people are coming for sure.

Once you know who’s coming and what dish they are bringing, finalize your menu using the attached Menu Planner.  Once you’ve figured out your menu, start writing your grocery list.  I like to print out all recipes to make sure I have everything on my grocery list.  Try to do this on a Wednesday when the weekly flyers come out to make sure that you get the best deals on your groceries.  Use a highlighter to mark off items on sale at your local stores, and get the rest of your ingredients at Walmart.  They really have the best deals on grocery/pantry items.  Before you go shopping, shop your pantry at home for groceries.

Next up is to clean the house and get all of your serving items out.  Use the attached Entertaining Checklist to make sure that you have everything you need to serve and prepare dinner.

After grocery shopping, it’s time to start prepping your vegetables, and making whatever you can ahead of time.  I wouldn’t make desserts until the night before if possible.  Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes can be made a day or two in advance and then reheated – reheat them in the slow cooker to save stove and oven space.  You can also pre-cook veggies for dinner ahead of time, like the broccoli in the Roasted Broccoli recipe included with the full version of this Thanksgiving Planner.  Blanching veggies helps make for quicker cooking time.  Your side dishes can be prepared before you even slice the bird with a little planning ahead.

With planning and preparing ahead, on Thanksgiving morning all you will have to do is cook the bird, assemble casseroles and reheat some meals.  If you have a toaster oven, use it to make your appetizers, or save a little room in the oven if possible to cook up your appetizers.  If you don’t have the room, cook and serve warm appetizers right away.

If you’re following my November Menu, save leftovers for other dinners like Turkey Sandwiches, Stuffing Waffles and Salad.

I’ve done something new this year, and have just bought a bunch of deli containers to send leftovers home in.  I bought a few labels to label each lid, and now I won’t have to worry about who has what container or dish.

Being pregnant this year, Thanksgiving is going to be an absolute blast!  I’m really excited to eat all of everything and not worry a bit about calories!  As if I was going to… it is Thanksgiving!

You can get your free printables by clicking the link below.  Content was getting stale, but I am back, so keep your eyes open this November for fun Thanksgiving posts, and fall recipe!

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