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Technique Tuesday – Guide To Chicken

Chicken is the traditional stand-by because it’s cheap, versatile and popular. Chicken is among one of the most essential ingredients to learn how to cool. It can be made into one-dish casseroles, grilled and placed atop a salad, roasted, pan-seared and my favorite, fried! Chicken is high in protein, low […]

Technique Tuesday – Mastering Sauces

Sauces are poured, ladled, dipped, spooned over or in one way or another added to a dish. Sauces are designed to accompany the main ingredient and bring the whole thing together. A sauce can be a vinaigrette, used to emphasize the flavors in a salad or a hollandaise sauce, which […]

Technique Tuesday – Grilling

Grilling in general is hot, fast and accomplished over direct heat – usually somewhere between 350 to 500 degrees. Boneless meats, fish filets, fruits and vegetables are absolutely delightful cooked this way. Furthermore, there are also special ways to grill bone-in meats, whole fish and game requiring in-direct heat, a […]

Technique Tuesday – Knife Cuts

When I first started cooking, and saw all these different terms; dice, mince, supreme etc… I was so confused. I found myself “Google-ing” and “Wikipedia-ing” the terms. As I have become much, much, much more comfortable in the kitchen these terms make sense. Some important things to remember before even […]