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easy homemade cheesy chicken broccoli and rice casserole leftover chicken recipe moms bistro

A One Dish Meal That Everyone In Your Family Will Love! Easy Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole Recipe with Leftover Chicken

Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole is a delicious comfort food recipe that the entire family loves – even picky eaters!  The recipe I am sharing below, includes that homemade cream of chicken soup recipe that I shared yesterday.  Don’t let making the homemade cream of chicken soup scare you – it […]

kids favorite trail mix moms bistro recipe

Simple Snack Solution: Kid’s Favorite Trail Mix

Sweet, salty and loaded with your kids favorite snacks, this Trail Mix is perfect for after school snacks and school lunches! Trail Mix is one of my favorite things to make at school.  Throughout the week, we have different afternoon snacks, and since I buy 99% of my snacks at […]

grilled london broil

Simple and Delicious Grilled London Broil Recipe

No more dry, chewy London Broil.  This London Broil is juicy and flavorful and cooks in just a few minutes!  If you got this e-mail two times, I apologize! So for some reason, all my pictures shrunk – like this one above, and this post didn’t get published.  Usually, I […]