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5 Ways To Make Back To School Easier

For some of us, school has already started, and for many others, school doesn’t start until Tuesday.  This can be a stressful time for everyone – all of the planning, the shopping, and everything else that’s on your back to school to do list can be extremely overwhelming.   Having […]

Heart Shaped Cheese Quesadillas

This Valentine’s Day lunch doesn’t get any easier!   I never posted a recipe for a Cheese Quesadilla before, because, really, does anyone really need a recipe to cook cheese in a tortilla?  Probably not, but I decided to share, because these turned out perfect, and they were absolutely delicious. But what makes […]

Popular Hispanic Foods

healthylunches.co Hispanic cuisine represents typical foods and cooking styles common to many Hispanic cultures in Latin America.  Classic cuisine include corn (maize) based dishes and various salsas.  The spices in Hispanic cuisine are very characteristic and give a very distinct flavor.  Many Hispanic dishes start off with a sofrito (the […]