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Food Stamp Challenge Week Two Day Two

Hey Y’all Today is just one of those days.  It is dark and gloomy out and FREEEEEZING cold, and I feel extremely lethargic.  I was pretty sure that I had everything I needed for the week for my menu, and enough to keep me fed, but we need a few […]

Food Stamp Challenge – Week Two, Day One

Hey Y’all! It’s already week two of the Food Stamp challenge. I feel good taking it again, I am learning a lot for myself from this challenge. I now realize how much I was taking for granted, and how much food I used to waste. I am very conservative now, […]

Food Stamp (FNS) Challenge

Hey Y’all! ; I will be participating with my family in the Food Bank’s FNS Challenge (FNS is the name for the food stamp program in NC). This challenge consists of living off of a budget of $4.15/person/day, and will last 5 days. I am extremely excited for the challenge, […]