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Ahhh… Relaxing! #52Lists

#52 Lists Things I Find Relaxing  sleep  listening to music  sewing  blogging  snuggling with Anthony  snuggling with D.J.  the sopranos  cooking  hot showers  bubble baths  twisty runs  driving in a convertible  sleep I didn’t write last weeks […]

Great Things I’ve Read Lately – #52Lists

I love to read.  Finding time to read is the problem, especially on Tuesday’s when Justified is on.  My heart beats out of my chest for Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens.  He is totally my celebrity crush!  And the show is pretty awesome.  Especially when TImothy Olyphant wears that sexy […]

#52Lists – Some of My Favorite Flowers

This weeks list had me looking around on Pinterest and Google for pictures of flowers, and info about growing my own!  I’ve always wanted a little green house where I can grow flowers and herbs and my own veggies, yet I kill every plant I get, so this is a […]

Favorite Snacks!

I love snacking…. to be honest, I think I love snacking more than I love to eat real meals.  It’s just so satisfying, and I just love eating all night.  I think it’s because I was always at my grandmothers house as a child, and she loved to snack.  There was […]