Summer Drinks that will Help You Beat the Heat!

With summer coming in with full swing, the need for refreshing, icey drinks is real! The warm sunny days can leave one dehydrated and for this, we all need some summer sips that will not just quench our thirsts but will fully please our palettes as well. Therefore, if the heat is getting intolerable for you, then its time for you to try these frosty combinations down below, and finally do summer’s the right way:

The Good Old Lemonade

When talking about refreshments, Lemonades are everyone’s favorite. Everyone is well equipped in making a pitcher of lemonade for their kids, but for those adult parties, you can turn up the notch by spiking it up with rum, wine and fresh mint. Take about 3 tablespoons of fresh mint, add in 1 ounce rum or booze of your choice and 3/4 cup of lemonade. Mix well and then give the final swirl with loads of ice.

Iced Fruit Punch

If there is one great thing about summer beverages, it’s the fact that you can mix in everything together and still have a fantastic treat for yourself. But for this special punch, you will be freezing the different juices in trays and using them in their solid forms. The wine of your choice will be the base, and after cooling wine to the point where its chunky, add in the iced juices and 1/4 cup ginger ale. Be sure to serve it quick before the ice melts.

Thai Agua Fresca

This pink, non-alcoholic drink will become the star of your summer parties. All you need to do is peel some beetroot and have it rest in coconut water till the time the water turns pink. Then take three lychees, add in a pinch of salt and lemon to balance out the extra sweet taste and blend them. Then take loads of ice, add the pinky coconut water and mix in the lychee mixture and have a treat of your own.

Cold Brew Coffee

Who said fruits are the only thing that can cool you down? Coffee can do that perfectly too. And for that all you need to do is brew your own coffee and chill the rest of the day. Take about 1 and a half cup of ground coffee and add about 4 cups of cold water in a pitcher. Stir it well and then let it sit overnight at room temperature. After straining this coffee mixture, dilute it with water or milk, topping it with cream and sweetener of your choice.

Peach and Saffron Iced Tea

And while we are talking about cold coffee dreams, how can we leave out the tea lovers? Here is a perfect healthy drink whose aroma will send you in a state of ecstasy and will clear your skin, all at the same time. Take about 4 tea bags of your choice and pour it in hot water. Add in the a pinch of saffron and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then add in wild honey, and squeeze in some lemon juice. In a pitcher, add in one sliced peach, basil leaves and cover them up with loads of ice. Lastly, add the saffron tea and vanilla extract and refrigerate for about 1 hour and serve it when its fully chilled!

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