Spring Cleaning 101: A Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

It might be a little late in the year for your spring cleaning, but in here in Colorado with our unpredictable weather (like the 75 degree day we had on Thursday which turned into a snow storm by Friday night), spring cleaning usually happens a little bit later.  

I like to clean my house a little every day.  My friend Zanna shared a post yesterday about Spring Cleaning using Shaklee.  I am so happy she introduced me to a product that I feel safe using around my family, and only need one bottle for multiple things! 


Anyways, her spring cleaning quiz made me think about my spring cleaning and how I tackle it in our house.  Spring Cleaning feels good, and I tackle it with a game plan and a list of everything that needs to be done, and like TLC style back in the day, I KEEP, SELL, TOSS it.  But the sell for us is always DONATE. 

Since I am at home now, I like to clean a little every day.  It helps make cleaning easy and helps make the house look like you just cleaned it every day and doesn’t even really take that long.  I do the same 4 tasks every single day, and even if the other cleaning tasks on my list don’t get checked off, these four things always make the house look sparkly clean!

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Every day, I make the beds, do the dishes (load or unload the dishwasher, hand wash dishes in the sink), clean and wipe counters, and then I do a general 10-Minute Tidy.  Anthony usually does his 10-Minute Tidy and cleans his room during this time too.  My 10-Minute Tidy involves; cleaning up any clutter around the house and on the floor (dirty dishes, blankets, papers…), sweeping kitchen and front entrance, cleaning bathroom sink and counters and giving the toilets a little wipe down, and maybe even a few spot cleans on the bathroom floor if needed.  This is what a quick tidy looks like for me, but yours may be different.

These four things make everything flow.  Even when I wasn’t home all day, I would still make the beds, do the dishes, clean the counters in the kitchen and then my 10-Minute Tidy.  The other jobs that I do throughout the week now, I’d just do on Saturday or Sunday when I worked.  Either way, this really works for me.  This is how my weekly cleaning schedule works:

Keeping order in the house made Spring Cleaning even easier.  My Mom was always really anal about cleaning and my 13 year old self hated that about her.  It would drive me CRAZY wondering why she was so particular about being clean… and then I became a Mom.  A clean house was on the top of my list of priorities, and I see why it’s so important.

Spring Cleaning for me needs a list of things to do.  I like to start with my storage area and work my way around the house, ending with the kitchen.  I take absolutely everything ut of our storage area before I start cleaning.  Every year I put something away thinking that I will be able to use it, or I’ll want it soon for some reason, and every year I end up with a box or two in storage with things that need to be put away, or are out and don’t really need to be.  This is how clutter happens.  I figure if I don’t use it for a year, I probably don’t need it anymore.  Like somehow I had about 500 pens and pencils and highlighters laying around… I don’t need 500 pens, so they went into my DONATE box. 

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I tackle the rest of our house the same way.  I kicked our Spring Cleaning up a notch this year and pulled every single item of clothing that we own out and took over my couch for two days.  I sorted through it all and ended up filling a large rubbermaid bin full of clothes to donate! 

In the bathrooms, I looked at all of our soaps and shampoos and lotions.  Believe it or not, shampoo expires.  Check the expiration date on those half full bottles that you’re “saving” for when you run out… but the ones you never really use.  By tossing these you’re getting ride of a lot of clutter! 

And after cleaning the clutter and organizing each room, I give it a full clean and vacuum and dust and the whole works to make it feel DONE. 

Spring Cleaning can take a few days, or even a couple weeks, but if you just tackle it one room at a time, and keep up by tidying up a little every day, your house will always feel clean and organized.

Scroll down for a FREE printable version of my spring cleaning checklist.


– empty trash & out in new bag
– clean trash disposal by running a large squirt of dish soap and a tray of ice cubes for 30 seconds
– wash sink, replace sponge
dust and wash light fixtures
– move all small appliances off counters & wash
– clean coffee makes

– run an empty load in dishwasher to clean
– wash outside and around door

– move stove and clean sides and the floor under
– remove  bottom drawer and wash
– set oven on self clean and clean inside
– remove knobs and wash in warm soapy water
– remove drain pans (if you have them) and wash in warm soapy water

– move fridge and clean under and the sides
– remove any old menus and papers from fridge
– remove all food and check expiration dates (throw out anything that looks bad or is expired)
– wash shelves and drawers and doors
– take inventory list of foods to save money on groceries

– remove plate and wash in dishwasher
– clean inside with warm soapy water
– wash door and buttons
– move and wash underneath if on counter

– one drawer at a time, completely empty and sort through
– wash inside, handles and front
– wash all cutlery and serving utensils  in dishwasher while cleaning drawers

– one cabinet at a time, completely empty and sort through
– wash inside, handles and both sides of the doors
– wash all dishes in the dishwasher while cleaning cabinets

– remove EVERYTHING and wash shelves and doors
– throw away expired items and donate any goods that you can
– replace all items (to really stay organized, place everything in labeled tupperware containers)

– remove everything dispose of any unused cleaning products
– wash shelves and doors
– reorganize

Living Room & Dining Room
– move all furniture and vacuum underneath
– take everything off of surfaces and dust surface and items and replace
– dust and clean lamp shades
– wash baseboards
– polish any wood surfaces
– wash couches and chairs (launder upholstery or clean and condition leather)
– sort and donate any old books or magazines
– open windows and wash windows and window sills
– launder curtains and wash and vacuum blinds
– clean out fire place
– move all chairs from dining room table and vacuum under table
– clean and polish dining room table
– wash kitchen chairs and cushions (if applicable)
– dust decor
– wash light switches and outlets
– vacuum and wash fan blades

– remove all items from cabinets and drawers and wash insides, doors and handles
– throw away any expired make up, shampoos, lotions etc.
– remove all items from medicine cabinet and discard any expired medications
– wipe light switches and outlets
– vacuum and wash fan blades
– clean mirror, counter and sink
– dust all cabinets
– clean toilet, bath tub and shower
– vacuum and wash bathroom floor
– launder shower curtain and towels
– clean toilet paper holder (one of my biggest pet peeves)

– remove and launder curtains, sheets and pillow cases
– sprinkle mattress with baking soda and vacuum
– dust and polish dressers
– vacuum and wash fan blades
– wipe light switches and outlets
– wash baseboards
– rotate mattress
– clean under bed
– remove everything from closet and dressers and sort clothes that don’t fit anymore, seasonal and unwanted items
– vacuum
– sort through toys and donate any unwanted/old toys

Office & Computer
– sort and discard any old junk mail, coupons and papers etc.
– organize loose papers into file folders and file
– wash floor and vacuum
– clean windows and window sills
– wipe light switches and outlets
– dust and vacuum fan blades
– organize and backup photos and videos
– delete any old files or junk from computer
– wipe down and dust computer, printer, modem, router etc.
– dust desk and bookshelves
– sort through books and magazines and donate any unused/unwanted items

Linen Closet & Laundry Room
– empty trash & out in new bag
– launder and fold all towels and blankets – discard or donate any unused/unwanted items
– wash washing machine by running an empty load
– wash and vacuum dryer
– wash and vacuum floor

Storage, Utility & Outdoors
– empty trash & out in new bag
– pick up branches and other dead plants in yard
– clean out gutters and storm drains of debris
– wash all windows and doors
– clean outdoor furniture and patios
– organize all storage areas based on the season (move Christmas to the back and take our picnic supplies)
– replace AC filter and clean condenser unit of debris
– clean or replace welcome mat
– sweep patio/porch/deck and pressure wash (if possible)
– wash and detail cars

Another thing that keeps me really organized is my daily planner.  I’m more of a pen and paper kind of girl, despite everything I do being online and my planner keeps me organized.  I have my weekly cleaning schedule, my to do list, my budget, my menu, our school planner (for the homeschooling we do), and my day to day calendar.  It has made my life flow so much better, and makes it easier to track whats going on in my life – with my seizures, my blog and our family. 

Staying clean and organized is so important to not just for Spring Cleaning, but for everyday of the year.  I take so much pride in how clean my house is.  It may seem minuscule or even old-fashioned, but I really do appreciate all of the “analness” my mother passed onto me!

How do you stay clean? 

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

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