Snowman Ornament

Hey Y’all!

Anthony loves to sit and do crafts with me.  We try and do at least one craft together a week, and tonight we’re actually making some plates… keep your eyes open for that!

I am loving Pinterest and all of these crafts that I find.  I have a few Pinterest boards, I need to reorganize them though… shame, shame! LOL

Anyways, back to the point I was trying to make and write about is this craft that Anthony and I did.  I bought some of those clear glass ornaments from Michaels, and wanted to make a project with Anthony.  His feet are HUGE so I couldn’t make a Christmas tree, so I decided to use his little fingers to make a snowman.  This is what I did, and I wish I took more pictures, but it was difficult with a fidgetty 19 month old and paint lol..

I took the top of of the ornament, and set it aside.  Then, I painted Anthony’s hand with white paint, and had him hold the ornament in his hand really quickly.  I wrapped his fingers around it, and his palm was like the snow the snowmen were sitting on.  ***Make sure to have a wet and dry paper towel available, because if your baby is anything like my little man, you’ll have to try it a couple of times.  It was smudgy lol.  After the white paint dried, and I gave Anthony some finger paints and a big piece of paper to play with, I started decorating the snowmen.  If your kids are old enough, let them do this, but I did it myself because Anthony doesn’t know how to really paint yet.  I put little hats, scarves, buttons and carrot noses on them.  Then I wrote Anthony’s name and the year on the back of the ornament in a Sharpie.  When it was time to put the “lid” back on, I used my hot glue gun, glued some ribbon on, and then made a bow, and glued that on.  I filled the inside with a little bit of snow, glitter and confetti, and it was done!

These homemade gifts make awesome Christmas gifts for family members.  It is something that they can put up on their tree every year, and adore.

With Love,

Miss Lindsie

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