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I recently received some Smelly Proof Storage Bags ( in the mail.  It had everything I could ever need a storage bag for covered.  Bonus!  It came with oven bags, vacuum seal bags, extra-large bags all the way down to extra small bags (which really aren’t that small).

Of course I naturally ripped the shipping box apart and dove into the pile of goodies like a kid at Christmas.  I was opening up each box, and looking at the size, and all while the little gears were spinning in my head thinking about how I could use each bag, and what a great first impression the box made.  The bags are durable, and heavy.  It isn’t cheap plastic like the store brand storage bags or even Ziplock.  You can tell these bags mean business and just by looking at them and feeling them, you can already tell that the bags do what they say and “keep odors in”.

I started to think of the stinkiest thing in my house and trap that smell in – Anthony!  Remember that smell that exudes from the diaper geanie?  It’s really not supposed to stink, but it does.  I decided to make my own “diaper geanie” from my Smelly Proof bags, so I took the biggest one we had – extra-large, and placed it in an old diaper box in Anthony’s room.  This was on the 21st of November.  After each diaper change, we placed the dirty diaper into the Smelly Proof bag, and closed it back up.  When we opened the bag to add the next diaper, you knew that the bags really do keep the odor in and are working.  Once the bag was filled – about 10-12 diapers in, I sealed it up one last time, and let it sit.  As I write this post, it is December 4th, and I have the bag of stinky diapers sitting beside me.  I can’t smell a thing.  13 days later.  Smelly Proof really needs to go into the “diaper geanie” makin’ business, because bags like this that are truly smelly proof would make a lot of mommas happy!

I wanted to use the bags in other ways too, like; keeping smells in, freshness of items inside the bags and using them as freezer bags.  I made a compound butter of honey, orange zest and butter, and placed it in a small bag, froze a pound of ground beef and placed my prepared vegetables in the bags  The butter didn’t soak up a single scent or flavor from the fridge, and my frozen ground beef looked like fresh once it was defrosted and I used the bags at Thanksgiving to store my prepared vegetables.  I blanched Brussels sprouts the day before Thanksgiving, and placed them in one of the medium bags.  Whenever I cook Brussels and store them in my fridge, it always smells like Dad after eating the brussels sprouts when I open it – no matter what I put them in.  The smelly proof bags did it again, and kept the smell of the Brussels sprouts in the bag, and not in my nostrils!

Smelly Proof bags are obviously designed with great attention to detail and quality.  They have a magnificent seal that doesn’t leave any small holes like in most storage bags, and are extremely durable.  When I took the bags out, Anthony decided that he wanted to see a bag too, and he was playing with it on the table.  He scrunched it and tried to tear it and destroy it, but it was indestructible.  A typical storage bag would rip, but Smelly Proof bags are very durable.  They would be great to fill and bring along camping, hiking or fishing.

Smelly Proof Storage Bags

“Keep your life smelling fresh and clean. Our unique odor proof bags are made with a special medical grade material approved by the FDA and USDA that keeps odors trapped inside sturdy locking zippers. Every bag you use is highly durable–puncture resistant and moisture repellant–making Smelly Proof Bags reusable and helping you save money.  Smelly Proof Bags come in a wide variety of sizes, so there’s no problem that’s too big or too small; whether it’s a rotten egg, or a collection of stinky diapers, let our smell proof bags whisk these odors away.  Make sure you’re using the best smell proof bag out there, and give your nose a hand with Smelly Proof Bags.”

Small – 25 ct
Retail:  $17.99

Medium – 25 ct

Retail:  $18.99

Large – 15 ct

Retail:  $24.99

Extra Large – 15 ct

Retail:  $26.99

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