Simple Summer Grilling – Two Ingredient Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings

Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings are the recipe that I think won my parents heart over with D.J.  He grilled up some wings for them one night, and they we’re so excited, that this is the only way Mom will cook her chicken wings now!


Have you ever had a grilled chicken wing?  You need to if you haven’t because they are absolutely fantastic.  The wings still stay crispy like traditional chicken wings, but they are actually good for you now, so you don’t need to feel guilty eating a whole plate full.

Simplicity is key for me in the summer.  We don’t have air conditioning so we like to keep as much of the cooking outdoors as possible.  Grilled Chicken Wings are one of our go-to’s because of that simplicity.  You can just open up the package of wings at the grill, put them on the grill, and all it takes from inside is a quick hand wash and to get some bbq sauce ready in a bowl to brush on the wings as they cook.


From start to finish BBQ Grilled Chicken Wings only take 30-35 minutes.  Less time than it’ll take for delivery to come and it’s gonna save you a ton of money.  I got 3 packages of wing pieces – about 12 pieces per package for only $2.50 each – 36 wings for $7.50!  And we all probably already have BBQ sauce in the fridge so not only is this meal delicious and easy to make, but it’s super inexpensive.  I got my chicken wing pieces at my local Sprouts, but they are always available at Walmart.


If you’re looking for a quick and cheap dinner idea, try making your own Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings for dinner – you can even eat them off paper plates to avoid even more cleanup! If you’re low on BBQ sauce, or BBQ Chicken Wings aren’t really your thing, substitute the BBQ sauce for something else – like buffalo sauce or even teriyaki!

For the free printable version of the recipe, click the link below for a PDF version to add to your collection.


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