kids favorite trail mix moms bistro recipe

Simple Snack Solution: Kid’s Favorite Trail Mix

Sweet, salty and loaded with your kids favorite snacks, this Trail Mix is perfect for after school snacks and school lunches!

kids favorite trail mix moms bistro recipe

Trail Mix is one of my favorite things to make at school.  Throughout the week, we have different afternoon snacks, and since I buy 99% of my snacks at Sam’s Club, they come in big sizes, and I have to divide them up into bowls for each classroom.  There is usually 1-2 classrooms worth of whatever snack it is, left at the bottom of the bag when I am done dividing it up, and this usually goes into my Trail Mix bag.  By the end of the week, I have enough “leftovers” to mixup with a few add ins and make a Trail Mix that my kid’s go crazy over!


Depending on the week, I add different things to the trail mix, but this is my base recipe, if you’d call it that since it’s really just tossing together your favorite snacks!  In the fall, I will add Halloween candies to the Trail Mix for a fun, fall twist, and around St. Patrick’s Day, I usually add some Lucky Charms, and something green.  The possibilities are really endless when it comes to Trail Mix, what are your favorite Trail Mix add-ins?


goldfish crackers
pretzel sticks
chocolate chips
mini marshmallows
cookie crisp cereal
smores goldfish (it has both chocolate and graham cookies in it – perfect for trail mix)

Other Possible Add-Ins:

pretzel goldfish
golden graham cereal
animal crackers
nuts (peanuts, almonds, pecans)
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
veggie straws


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  Transfer to a Ziplock bag to store.


It really is that simple!  Trail Mix lasts as long as the ingredients you put in it – and most  snack foods have a pretty long shelf life.


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