Spring Cleaning 101: Clean and Green! Your Kitchen and Home

Spring Cleaning Pop Quiz!  Get out your pencils…

  • Do you have an urge in the spring to get out your sponges, mops and collection of cleaners?
  • If you said yes, do you know what’s in those cleaners? Many people are convinced of quality because of smell (usually harmful chemicals), appearance or words such as “natural” or “germ-fighting”.   Truth time, friends: those words are mostly meaningless marketing tools designed for your enticement.

Let’s try another standard: Can you safely inhale your cleaners?  Would you be comfortable if they settled into your skin, or your child’s skin?  What if your son or daughter accidentally ingested them?


Because I use Shaklee, I can say “no problem” to all of those scenarios.  Shaklee’s cleaners are always safe, always work, and are always green!-  and they were green way back in the day before it was a cultural standard.

Shaklee was also the first company in the world to become climate neutral, to offset all its carbon emissions! ( See more info on Shaklee’s environmental heritage)

Additionally, it’s one of Oprah’s favorite things!

Are you intrigued? Now back to that spring cleaning idea– here are some safe, powerful cleaners to conquer grime anywhere:

Basic H: Shaklee’s long time, all-purpose go-to cleaner. So safe it’s been taken to the moon! Cleans any surface- so get creative!  Floors, counters, mirrors, dusting, appliances, fruits & veggies…It’s concentrated, so you decide the strength.

Scour Off Paste: designed to get the gritty muck in the shower, oven, stovetop, porcelain sinks, any place the dirt seems to glue itself down.

Hand Dish Wash: liquid concentrate: Just a few drops cleans a sinkful of dishes. Nontoxic, hypoallergenic, mild on your hands.

Nature Bright: the laundry booster for brightening and a GREAT alternative to bleach!


And there are many more, (see Shaklee.com) but you get the idea.  There is something very satisfying about a clean, dust-free home in the spring time.  Open your windows and your Shaklee bottles and tell me what you think!

Learn more about GREEN CLEANING with Shaklee by clicking the link below for some FREE printables!

Shaklee Legacy

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