Santa’s Address

24 Days of Christmas Recipes and Activities – Day Nine

Write a Letter to Santa

I loved writing a letter to Santa as a kid and can’t wait to share that experience with Anthony.  As a kid, we sent our letters to the North Pole, and the post office sorted the letters, and individuals wrote letters back to kids, and sent them back as Santa.  It was pretty damn cool.  I think that is how it still works today, but there are also websites that provide Santa letters.  You just include a pre-stamped envelope.

In addition to just a letter back from Santa, there is a great website called Portable North Pole and it generates a personalized video for your child from Santa.  It’s pretty darn cool.  Anthony really enjoyed the video he got from Santa this year.

Santa’s Address

In U.S.:

Santa Claus
P.O. Box 56009
North Pole, Alaska

In Canada:

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H0H0 (That’s Zero’s)

By E-Mail:

What did you ask Santa for this year?

Christmas Recipes, Activities and Crafts
Christmas Recipes, Activities and Crafts

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