Learn To Swim with SafeSplash Swim School!

Anthony absolutely loves the water, so it was a no brainer when SafeSplash Swim School asked me if I wanted to enroll my son in swimming lessons in exchange for a review.

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SafeSplash Swim School has many locations across the US, so finding a location is easy.  We have 12 different locations here in Colorado, so there was no problem finding somewhere to take classes. They specialize in teaching swimming lessons to children from 6 months old to adults, and have taught over 4.5 million lessons over the past decade so they definitely know what they are doing, and make your swimming lesson experiences memorable.  Swimming is a life skill, and SafeSplash Swim School is teaching kids this important skill every day.

We already knew about SafeSplash Swim School from our gym.  At the end of a workout, D.J. likes to swim a few laps, and this is when we first met Ashley.  She was teaching some other kiddos how to swim, and after her lesson, she chatted with us and told us a little about the school.  It was still soccer season when we first met Ashley, but we were excited to start in the summer.

D.J. and I both took swimming lessons as kids, and D.J. kept taking lessons as he got older, becoming a life guard and teaching swimming lessons himself.  Although I am not as strong of a swimmer as D.J., I know the importance of learning how to swim at a young age.


To get ready for our first lesson, we needed a towel, bathing suit, goggles and a swim cup (if you have long hair).  Class started at 7, and we eagerly arrived at 6:45 waiting to meet our teacher, who luckily enough was Ashley, the girl we met a couple months ago!



From the minute Anthony got in the water, he already loved swimming lessons.  There were three kids in Anthony’s class, and Ashley took her time, teaching the basics of swimming, one kiddo at a time.  In between “turns”, the kids sat on the stairs, and played with a few bath toys to keep they occupied.


As classes progressed, Ashley taught Anthony how to blow bubbles, float on his back and him tummy while blowing bubbles, and how to kick.  She worked with Anthony holding him up on a float board.  At the end of every class the kids get to do a big jump into Ashley’s arms in the pool – I think that this was their favorite part of the entire lesson!  She even let them jump in twice if there was a little bit of time, and if the kids listened – which we all know with 5 year olds isn’t always a thing!



Each week of classes, Anthony was more and more confident in the water with the guide of his instructor Ashley.  She makes swimming lessons a blast, and Anthony learned so much already.  We have our next lesson with Ashley next Monday, and we are very excited to get Anthony back in the water.


Ashley and SafeSplash Swim School were absolutely incredible!  I am so, so happy that we were able to enroll Anthony in classes, and continue classes with them.

If you’re interested in enrolling your kiddos in swimming lessons, give SafeSplash Swim School a call at 1-844-KID-SWIM or 303-799-1885.  The customer service team is as sweet as pie, and will work with your schedule to find the best day and time for swimming lessons.  If you’re not a phone person, click here and register for swimming lessons online!

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