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Pokemon To Go! Pack Your Kiddos Fresh Fruit In A Poke Ball!

Gotta catch ’em all!  Pokemon!  Got some Pokemon fans at home?  Send these Poke Balls to school in your kids lunch!

poke ball

Anthony has been absolutely swept up in Pokemon!  We have been playing Pokemon Go, Pokemon at home, it’s Pokemon everything right now!  He even got a Pokemon back pack for kindergarten!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that Anthony is about to go to kindergarten.  Bitter sweet I guess, right?  With everything in our lives being Pokemon, I decided I wanted to make something fun for Anthony to bring to school in his lunch.  At first I thought maybe I’d make a Pikachu shaped sandwich, but that seemed like a lot of work…

Then, while watching some Pokemon (for the 3rd time), Anthony very seriously looked at me, and asked me to make him a Poke Ball.  Let me tell you what!  These Poke Balls I made are AWESOME!  With lunch still on my mind, I thought that it would be super cute to send his fresh fruit in his lunch box in a Poke Ball!


I made him a Poke Ball that will hold an apple, or an orange, or a peach – really any round fruit perfectly, and it even has a latch and a button!  Not only does it look super cool, but the Poke Ball protects the fruit from bruising!

Not only are Poke Balls awesome for lunch,  but they are great to play Pokemon with at home too.  We have Pokemon battles around here all the time, using his Poke Ball to hold one of the Pokemon I have made him, and send it into battle!

I am selling the Poke Balls on Etsy for $15 each.  For Mom’s Bistro’s readers, I will ship for free with promo code POKEMON.  Each Poke Ball is 100% cotton, machine washable, and totally fun!

Want a Pokemon for your Poke Ball?  Check out my Etsy store for these adorable PikachuCharmander and Squirtle Pokemon!



  1. This is a cute idea that can be a frugal gift idea! I am sharing this on the Facebook group “Frugal Family Christmas”!

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