how to cook bacon in the oven

Make Mornings Easy! How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

There are so many ways to cook bacon; in a skillet, on a griddle, in the microwave, deep fried, but the best way of all is to bake it in the oven!  If you’ve ever wondered how diners have that perfectly flat and crispy bacon, and yours is always curly and crumbly, it’s because of how we cook it.

how to cook bacon in the oven

No matter how we want to look at it, most frying pans aren’t big enough to place a full piece of bacon on, and if they are, you still need to tend to the bacon, flipping it every so often to make sure that it doesn’t burn, and getting splattered with bacon grease, and worst of all – the clean up!  And if this wasn’t enough of a reason to re-evaulate how you cook your bacon, bacon cooked in the oven is probably the best bacon you’ll ever have!

There are a couple different ways to cook bacon in the oven; directly on a foil lined sheet, or, like I cook bacon, on a rack.  I (sometimes) line my baking sheet with foil, and then place the rack on top.  By using a rack, the heat of the oven is really able to circulate all sides of the bacon, making it extra crispy, without doing any work.

how to cook bacon in the oven

I prefer to NOT use foil, because I save the bacon fat for cooking in place of butter or oil and sometimes foil can get messy when trying to save the bacon juice fat.  The fat that cooks out of bacon when you cook it in the oven is different than the fat that cooks out when you fry it – the fat doesn’t get burnt and stays a creamy white color when cooled.

how to cook bacon in the oven

And since I am all about saving a few bucks on groceries, saving the fat from bacon is not only delicious to cook with, but it saves you money.  The fat that renders off of a pound of bacon is about a stick of butter.  That could be 3 or 4 meals worth of fat to cook dinner with!

How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

Equipment and Ingredients:

1 lb (or more) bacon
cookie sheet
cooling/baking rack, optional but preferred


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

Place bacon in a single layer on the rack or directly on a baking sheet.

Cook for 15-20 minutes, or until desired crispiness.

CAREFULLY remove from oven, and let rest 5 minutes.

Serve with your favorite meals, or just as is.

It’s really that simple.

Enjoy your bacon!


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