Make Christmas Magical with a Snowman Fridge Decoration

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Snowman Fridge Decoration

This was so much fun!  We decorated the fridge to look like a snowman!  Pinterest did me right again, and when I saw this during one of my nap-time holiday searches, I knew that I just had to do my fridge.

It took me a while to figure out exactly how I was going to do it, because I do not have any magnets, and I have had some bad experiences in the past with craft magnets.  I decided to use some scotch tape, and just tape my shapes onto the fridge.

I ended up doing this project on my own.  I think that Anthony has been a little overwhelmed with all of the activities we’ve been doing together, so this was a mommy only job!  Anthony liked the final product too, so that’s all that matters 🙂

What You’ll Need

1 sheet 12×12 scrapbook paper – black
1 sheet 12×12 scrapbook paper – red (polkadot)
1 sheet 12×12 scrapbook paper – orange
thick red ribbon
1 sheet 12×12 craft foam – black
1 large circle stencil (or a cup)
1 medium circle stencil (or cup)
1 small circle stencil (or cup)

What to Do

Use the circle stencils and cut the following amount of circles out of the black scrapbook paper:
–  large stencil:  2
–  medium stencil: 4
– small stencil: 5

Using your ruler, make straight lines into a triangle, and cut out the carrot nose from the orange scrapbook paper.

Measure your fridge.

Cut 3″ strips out of the red scrapbook paper.  

Using your ruler, measure up from the bottom of the black craft foam, 2.5″ and make a straight line across.

Measure in 3 inches on each side of the black craft foam and make a mark.  Draw line straight up to top of foam on each mark.

Measure down 6″ from top of black craft foam and draw a straight line across.

Cut foam into hat shape.  Trim 1-2″ off of each end of the “brim” of the hat.

Time to assemble!

Make looks with the tape, and assemble snowman face by using the two (2) large black circles, five (5) small black circles and the carrot nose and pressing tape on to the back of the circles, and then onto your fridge.

For the scarf, make a bow out of the ribbon, and set aside.  Using strips of red paper, make a single line across your fridge.  When you come to the end, use your scissors and cut off the excess.  Set the extra aside.  Use tape loops to assemble again, and press tape over the ‘seams’ between paper strips.

Place the remaining four (4) medium black circles and with tape loops place in a straight line down the center of your fridge for “buttons”.  If you have a chalk pen, make dots on these circles to make them look like buttons.

Take a step back and marvel all of your hard work.   I smile every time I open my fridge now!

Christmas Recipes, Activities and Crafts
Christmas Recipes, Activities and Crafts

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