A Story Of Enchanted Plants And A Life Long Friendship!

If you have been following Mom’s Bistro for a while, I’m sure you know about my struggles with my health over the past year.  Being diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and learning about all of that entails, and figuring out medications has been a bumpy and confusing road.  Living with epilepsy is scary.  Not only for me, but for my family too.  I have been in the hospital a couple times in the past year trying to figure out just what the hell is causing my seizures, hooked up to an EEG and making my family worry about me, and our future.

During it all, I have been truly blessed to find a new friend, Zanna.  She has epilepsy too, and has known about hers for a lot longer than me.  Zanna and I have the same type of epilepsy and  she has been my rock and my guiding light through everything this past year.  Although I am not very religious, I know that Zanna was a gift to me from God.  She is a supporter, a friend and more like a sister each and every day.  She gets what I am going through.  She’s been there before, and understands how I am feeling.  She doesn’t judge me, or wonder why I am acting funny, and have deja vu, she just gets it and listens and walks me through it.

Not only a fighter, Zanna is a mom, a friend and an extremely talented writer.  She recently wrote a short story, about me, and I wanted to share it with all of you.  I will be sharing some more of Zanna’s awesome stories on Mom’s Bistro too.  Her stories are for both kids and adults.  This is one of the first stories that she shared with me, and I am so excited to share it all with you.  Zanna called this one, Laughing Lindsie’s Enchanted Plants.

vegetable garden

Laughing Lindsie’s Enchanted Plants

By:  Suzanna Price

Chef Laughing Lindsie
Reached for her recipes
Carefully considering her guests’ needs
“Max loves his meat, Abby loves greens,
I will cook dinner with some of each!”

Finding nothing she liked,
Lindsie said, “It is time
To choose from my grandiose garden
and a sprinkle of magical herbs coincides.”

Reaching for her shears, Lindsie danced
Across the yard, to the gate
To her colorful garden
Where enchantment awaits.

Lindsie gazed and pondered the spread
Of magical growth in that garden bed…

Talking Tomato
Pushy potato
Cranky Carrot clashing
With Proud Pimento

The veggies all chattered
As Lindsie brushed by
Saying to Spinach, “Quit your stinkeye!”
Her most special salad!- It starts with Endive

Then Lindsie gazed and pondered the spread
Of magical growth in that garden bed…

Lovely lettuce, caring Cabbage
Relaxed Radish, all grabbed with a smile

Then Lindsie looked intently, knowing she’d see
The Sneaky Squash, Hidden Jicama,
Grumpy Green beans,
And a bit of Growling Garlic, a-ha!

Once again, chef Lindsie pondered the spread
Of magical growth in her garden bed…

Bossy Blueberry, jabbering endlessly
With Rude Raspberry
“That fruit will never do!”
But oh, my Onions, I’ll take two.
And Charming Chard, I need a few of you.

“Who’s talking now?” she jumped
And pondered the spread
Of magical growth in her garden bed.

“Choose me!” cried Crazy Kale
“I always do,” Lindsie stated, “my Kale never fails.”

Seeking more color, she pulled Brilliant Beets.
Who could resist magic beets to eat?

“Now what do we have?” Lindsie pondered the spread
Of beautiful growth in her garden bed.

Endive, cabbage,
“oh wait! I need radish.”
Squash, jicama, greens and beans,

Garlic and onion (always a must)
Leeks, kale, beets and such
Cranky Carrot, if you’ll be calm

Back in the kitchen, Lindsie pondered the spread
Of beautiful growth from her garden bed.

From her arms to the colander
The veggies grew quiet
With shearing and cutting,
Their magic subsided.

Tossing and seasoning, Lindsie was pleased
It had all come together with ease!

Max and Abby were also delighted
Lindsie’s flavors brought excitement-
They had no idea, you see

How she’d gathered that spread
Of enchanted plants from that garden bed.

(Oh and by the way:
Lindsie’s frowning fruit stayed away
Fruit salad would wait till another day.)

The End

Reading Zanna’s story reminds me that even though we all have to go through struggles, and have things to figure out, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  I have found an amazing friend and sister because of my epilepsy, and although the journey is still a long road ahead, I am so happy that I have Zanna beside me.

Stay tuned for more of Zanna’s Stories!

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