Slow Cooker Korean BBQ Meatballs

These sweet and sticky Korean BBQ Meatballs make a delicious appetizer for any party or game day!

I made these meatballs for our Friendsgiving this year, and they were a huge hit!  Meatballs are always a favorite at dinner or as an appetizer, and even for Santa on Christmas Eve. As I was planning my menu for Friendsgiving, and I asked my hubby what he wanted as an appetizer, the first thing he said was meatballs!  In the past, I have made BBQ Meatballs, Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs and Swedish Meatballs, so I knew that I had to change it up again this year.  We had just come home from the North Carolina State Fair, and there was a Korean BBQ Egg Roll that my boys went crazy over, asking me to recreate at home, so in the spirit of that, Korean BBQ Meatballs it was!

Not only are these meatballs absolutely delicious, but they can be made ahead of time, turned into a freezer meal, slow cooked, cooked on the stovetop for a 30 minute meal, served over rice or noodles for a meal, or served on their own for an appetizer!  I love things that I can prepare ahead of time, especially for days like Thanksgiving, where there is so much going on.  You can make the meatballs and the sauce a day or two in advance, and keep them, separate in tupperware containers, and on Thanksgiving morning, just toss them all into the slow cooker, and turn it on.

The sweet and spicy Korean BBQ Sauce is easy to make, and lasts for weeks in the fridge.  Make a double recipe of the sauce and use it as a  marinate/sauce for other recipes.  I like to use it for Korean Beef & Broccoli, Korean Beef Tacos or toss fried chicken wings in it.  The meatballs are extremely simple to make too.  They use my base recipe of combining 1 pound of meat with an egg, some bread crumbs, a splash of milk and salt and pepper. I think what makes takes these meatballs from good to great, is the combination of pork and beef in the meatballs.

To cook the meatballs, bake them.  We eat a lot of meatballs (they are always the most request food when Anthony has friends sleepover), and through a lot of trial and error, I have found that baking the meatballs results in the most moist and tender meatballs, and the least mess. I like meals that are very minimal mess and clean up.  Especially on for days like Thanksgiving when so much else is going on.

Our family loved these Korean BBQ Meatballs so much, and I hope that you do too.  Writing this post made me hungry.  I think that I am going to make these for dinner tonight with some rice and broccoli.

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