4 Things Every Homeowner Should Keep in Mind When Making Sustainable Kitchen Renovations

Taking on the commitment of a kitchen renovation is a lofty task, however, if you add on the goal of being sustainable, things can get even more complicated. As you begin the planning process for your kitchen upgrades, there are plenty of things to consider in order to ensure that your remodel is both eco-friendly and efficient. Take some time to review the four things below that every homeowner should keep in mind when making sustainable kitchen renovations. 


Depending on how sustainable you want to go with your plans, you should always consider the overall impact that your renovation will have on the planet as certain upgrades can make more of a difference than others. Beyond this, it’s important to take into account the impact of the renovation process itself. 

Instead of completely tearing into your home, look for ways you can refresh certain areas without being completely wasteful with the materials you already have. Check to see what parts of your home can be reused, and what parts need to be recycled instead, in order to have a sustainable clean-up plan for your projects. Not only does reusing what you have save you money, it also prevents this waste from ending up in harmful landfills. 


Perhaps the most important component to keep in mind as you outline your remodel is the cost. Though it is a myth that sustainable renovations tend to be on the more expensive side, staying within a budget is still an absolute must. If you’re hoping to save on your remodel while staying sustainable, try buying reclaimed materials or spending some time looking through a local salvage yard. Though these building options might not be the most modern, they do add an eco-friendly and affordable charm to any home. 

For renovators that have their sights set on larger remodeling projects such as energy efficient upgrades, financing is most likely the best way to go. From investing in better kitchen appliances to considering solar panels, these additions to your home are still possible even if you do have a tight budget. Many companies offer their own financing options as a manageable mode of payment. If you’ve owned a home for a long period of time, you may want to consider getting a home warranty. A home warranty can be utilized when you need home repairs, including appliances or home systems so you can protect your investment.


For every upgrade you make to your kitchen, you should always take into account the return on your investment. First, consider the sustainable upgrades that will add resale value to your home, and second, research which improvements will save you money now on your monthly home expenses. 

Some upgrades end up offering both resale value and savings on utilities such as low-flow faucets, cleantech appliances, and geothermal heating installations. Researching eco-friendly upgrades that increase your home’s value is something every homeowner should consider pre-renovation to help you make smarter sustainable decisions.


Finally, before any large renovation it’s crucial to consider usability. Don’t let yourself get carried away with remodel ideas that you know you won’t end up taking advantage of over time and year-round. Try making a list of sustainable improvements within your budget that you know will impact and improve your day-to-day routine. Whether this means installing more efficient water fixtures, to investing in low energy light bulbs throughout your entire kitchen, always take usage into account. 

The Bottom Line

No matter how you navigate your eco-friendly kitchen renovation, be sure to have a clear plan of action. Discuss every aspect with the other members of your household to field their thoughts as well. Assess the impact of your remodeling plans on the planet, have a clear budget, consider your ROI, and make sure the renovations will be of good use to you in the long run. Though renovations can be hectic, going the sustainable path is an admirable way to give back to the planet while still achieving the look of your dream kitchen. 

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