Worms and Spiders In Dirt… Oh My! Super Easy Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipe – Beaners & Wieners

Happy Halloween!  When it comes to Halloween, I am kind of a slacker, and the holiday menu is usually pretty lame, but since I found Pinterest, I’ve gotten some great ideas for the holiday, and they are minimal effort, and minimal gross-factor, so even your young kiddos will approve!  Like this recipe for Worms and Spiders in Dirt!

worms and spiders in dirt

Oh by the way, did I mention that this recipe won’t cost you a fortune to make either?  You can serve 4 people this meal, for less than $1.50 a person!  

So we have a frugal, delicious, kid-friendly holiday recipe that’s ready in like 15 minutes?  Please tell me how!  But of course my darling…. picture me using a scary Dracula voice or something there…. no?  Okay.  Anyways, here’s what to do!

Gather your ingredients;

1 large can baked beans – I used Bush’s Homestyle, they are our favorite
1 package, hot dogs 
1 cup bbq sauce
bacon, optional

Once you get everything together, start prepping your hot dogs.  I bought a 10 count hot dog package,  and wanted more worms than spiders, so I divided them up, 8 and 2.

Start heating up your baked beans.  In a medium pot over low heat add beans and bbq sauce, and simmer until heated throughout.  If you want to add some bacon, in a small skillet, cook 1/2 package of diced bacon until crispy, and stir into beans right before serving.  

To make the spiders, break some spaghetti in half, and set aside, and then get your hot dogs.  Use two hot dogs, and slice into 1/2″ pieces to create the body of your spider.  Place four pieces of spaghetti into each spider body, and drop into boiling water.  


Cook until the spaghetti is al-dente, about 10 minutes.  It’ll look ready before the 10 minutes, but it’s probably best to wait the entire 10 minutes to make sure that the spaghetti is cooked even in the middle of your spiders.  Once done, remove spiders from water and set aside until you’re done cooking your worms.


While your spiders are cooking, make your worms.  

To make your worms, slice the remaining 8 hot dogs into 3 pieces, and then cut those 3 pieces into 3 pieces.  You’ll have 9 “worms” per hot dog!  You can switch it up a little and make some really big worms too if you want.



In a medium skillet, heat 1 tbsp butter or olive oil, and add your hot dogs.  If you added bacon to your beans, cook your dogs in the bacon fat for extra yumminess!  This is a great time to have the kids come help you and they can watch the worms start to shrivel and become curly.  Cook dogs for 8 minutes or so, until they are cooked throughout.  


Assemble your worms and spiders in dirt by placing baked beans on the bottom of a casserole dish, I used a black dish for the effect, and then place your worms and spiders over the top.  

Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipe - Worms & Spiders in Dirt - Mom's Bistro
Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipe – Worms & Spiders in Dirt – Mom’s Bistro

Add some extra effect if you want by scooping on some homemade guacamole as “grass”, or even cook up some pie-dough into tombstone shapes and make it a spooky graveyard.

Whatever you do, enjoy this quick, and easy halloween recipe that is kid-friendly, and adult approved.  It brings me back to eating beaners and wieners, which is essentially what this is.  

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