Ultimate Kid Approved Menu – Kid Friendly Meals – A Week of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack Ideas

These recipes are my most-loved by the kids at my school.  There are a ton of opportunities to add more veggies to your kids diet in the meals that they love the most!  What is your kids favorite meal?  

Want more kid-approved meals?  Scroll down for free printable kid-friendly one-month meal plans with a grocery list and recipes that will keep both your stomach and your wallet full!

Breakfast – granola, yogurt and berries
Lunch – grilled cheese, tomato soup and peaches
Dinner – beef stroganoff and green beans
Snack – string cheese and crackers

Breakfast – french toast and sliced apples
Lunch – chicken nuggets, broccoli and pears
Dinner – spaghetti with marinara sauce and mixed veggies
Snack – graham crackers and peanut butter

Breakfast – mini bagels, cream cheese and bananas
Lunch – macaroni and cheese cups, buttered peas and apple slices
Dinner – chicken fried rice and broccoli
Snack – animal crackers

Breakfast – oatmeal and clementines
Lunch – english muffin pizzas, corn and strawberries
Dinner – sloppy joes and sweet potato fries
Snack – pretzels and apple slices

Breakfast – scrambled eggs and melon
Lunch – tacos, corn and bananas
Dinner – cheesy chicken, broccoli and rice casserole
Snack – apple sauce

Breakfast – cereal and bananas
Lunch – pb&j, carrots and dip and clementines
Dinner – pierogies and mixed veggies
Snack – goldfish and raisins

Breakfast – pancakes and apple slices
Lunch – ravioli, green beans and peaches
Dinner – tatertot casserole, corn and peas
Snack – cheese and crackers

Month Of Meals - May 2015 Menu-page-001

April 2015 Month Of Meals Menu & Grocery List - Mom s Bistro-page-001

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March 2015 Budget Meal Plan – A Month of Meals for $166 | Mom’s Bistro
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February 2015 Budget Meal Plan – A Month of Meals for $148 | 28 Days of No-Repeat Dinner Menu Plan
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  1. Tuna Noodle Casserole, both my kid’s love it!

    • Beth,

      Really? How do you make it? The kids at my school have been asking,. but I’m not a fan of tuna so I haven’t made it! Please share!

  2. My girls like tortilla shells with peanut butter, honey and bananas on them. 🙂

    • Jessica,

      This sounds absolutely delicious! I have all of this in my kitchen… can’t wait to see how the boy likes it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jennifer Simmons

    Taco Salad

  4. We do peanut butter, nutella, banana sandwiches!

  5. My daughter is in a stage where all she will eat for me is pb& j sandwiches and fruit

    • My son went through that stage. I always gave him just what he would eat and a small spoonful on his plate of soemthing new to try. Making sure that the food is separate and doesn’t touch seemed to help for me. If you’re looking for some more ideas, shoot me an e-mail. I deal with feeding kids daily that do not like to eat! lindsie@momsbistro.net

  6. Nacho Wednesday is almost holiday in our house. My boys love to get creative with toppings. If I manage chicken or vegetables from meals a few days before, I’ll offer them as topping and make use of left overs!

  7. Ladies, have any of you received your copy of the recipes? I have been having issues with my account which has not allowed me to send any mail 🙁 If not, please send an e-mail to lindsie@momsbistro.net and I will send you your kid-friendly menu planner right away!

  8. Lisa Citrano

    Hello! My kids’ favorite meal is Grilled Chicken, au gratin potatoes, and corn.

  9. I Just found this site and I love it! Great menu ideas. Next year I am ging to (finally) be a stay at home mom and this is exactly what I have been looking for!

  10. Amber Talsma

    My daughters favorite lunch is PB/Nutella Sandwich with berries on the side and milk to drink.

  11. My kids love mexican tater tot casserole. Everytime we make it they eat it all up.

  12. my kids love sweet and sour chicken

  13. My kids love chicken casserole or enchiladas

  14. With my toddler, it’s hit or miss lol not a big pasta fan-weird lol Hie favorite is sloppy joes!!!

  15. spaghetti with garlic bread are all four of mines favorite

  16. My kiddo’s favorite is pizza bites. We found the recipe on Pinterest. You can find a version of them here http://therecipecritic.com/2012/08/stuffed-pizza-bites. I have to admit, they are really good! But they aren’t terribly healthy, so I usually pair them with 2 veggies and a fruit. My son’s favorite veggie is frozen shelled edamame just barely defrosted. We get the seapoint farms ones in our freezer aisle and then run them under hot water for a minute.

  17. I have found all of the recipes – I apologize for the delay. Switching to a new computer and I lost all of my files! You should all have them by the end of the week!

    Lindsie 🙂

  18. My kids love chicken tacos! Marinate your meat in McCormick Chicken Taco Seasoning mixed with orange juice, cook it up, add some refried beans, put in a tortilla with all your favorite toppings-my kids eat it up!

  19. My kids love taco pie.

  20. My boys like the whole wheat waffles with nutella or peanut butter then top with sliced bananas. Their fav is hot dogs cut up and scrambled in with their eggs, my 5 year old put ketchup on this. we also do whole wheat tortillas with nutella or peanut butter wrap a banana in the tortilla then slice into bite size pieces.

  21. I have been looking everywhere for this
    this is everything my kids eat and it helps so much cause my son is going to school now . My son loves sushi

  22. My son LOVES homemade mac and cheese with a side of cooked carrots!

  23. My son loves pierogies with a side of plain yogurt for dipping!

  24. Brittany Hoverman

    Anything that gets the kids involved in the cooking/preparing process are the best! One of my favorites I like to do with the kids I teach is sushi! I let them smash the bread, slice up the veggies or fruit (depending on the type), assemble, roll, and eat! We also do a dessert sushi using rice krispies and fruit roll-ups!

  25. My LO loves her ‘redneck sushi’ and applesauce . Simply mac and cheese with hot dogs that I cut in half and then cut 8 “arms” into it and boil. She eats it everytime.

  26. Tator tot casserole was my girls favorite

  27. Oh Wow I wish I had found this earlier please keep me posted because I was spending so much money on junk food that I want to put my kids on a healthy eating plan on a budget!

  28. I am a mommy of 4 and my kids love tacos

  29. My sons favorite meal is chicken nuggets, mac n cheese and mixed fresh fruit bowls. My daughters favorite meal is soft tacos, rice, beans, and mixed fresh fruit bowls.

  30. Mac and cheese all day every day…ugh!

  31. Cheese quesidila!

  32. Peanut butter crackers. That’s it! We need some variety!

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