Planning Menus and Decorating Doors! Just So Posh Helps You Do It All!

Making lists, writing notes, and planning is essential to blogging.  I am constantly writing down ideas for recipes, and menus.  It is important that I have a notebook available all the time to jot down ideas.  I like being able to have something to write in when the flyers come in the mail, and to have something to reference to when the fam asks “what’s for dinner?”

To make sure that my notebook doesn’t get confused with Anthony’s, I got us each a great personalized notebook from Just So Posh.  It’s a great quality with heavy lined sheets of paper and a ton of options to completely customize it.

The pages are a heavy weight paper, so your ink doesn’t bleed through.  Like I explained in my first menu planning tutorial, I like to use different colors to plan each menu.

Our yummy menu cost $80 for the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  By writing out a menu based on the sales at each store, and having somewhere to organize it, saves time and money.  Planning like this is usually the start of each months menu plan.

Since having the baby, Anthony has become so much more independent and such a huge help.  While ordering my notebook, I also ordered a sign for Anthony’s bedroom door.  The Canvas Wrap is 12×8 and fits perfectly on Anthony’s bedroom door.  I absolutely love that I could completely customize it to match his favorite colors and his soccer teams uniforms – from the shirt to the shorts to the socks!  He noticed right away that it matched his team, and was so excited.  With the all of the baby’s stuff laying around the house, it is nice to have that something special for Anthony.

There are so many options to customize for yourself and your family.  There is something special about having a notebook or a sign with your name on it.  I spell my name Lindsie with an I-E, and as a kid, I could never find anything with my name on it.  Now kids, like me, who spell their names differently can get things with their names on it!

Having my personalized notebook really helps me with my planning, and lets me have everything all in one place.  As I plan future menus, I can look back and use recipes/ideas from previous weeks menus.  I can see the grocery lists that I made too, and will make planning even easier.  I like easy.  The notebook feels perfectly in my diaper bag too, so I can just bring it with me to the grocery store.  

As I planned this menu, I was flooded with recipes and post ideas, so I had to write them down immediately.  Because the pages don’t bleed through, I could write on each side of the paper – planning posts on one side, and then writing my to-do list  and other ideas on the other side.

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