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Have you ever had one of those days, when you just feel so…detached?  I definitely have, and a gentle touch from a friend or a loved one just seems to wash all of those apprehensions and anxiety away and something inside me says “Hmmm… that felt nice.”

Such a simple touch can bring so many feelings of joy and comfort.  A hug increases those feelings much more tremendously.  With all the negativity floating around us, there are countless reasons why we should all strive to give at least one more hug a day.  Hugging releases oxytocin in the body, lowering stress and blood pressure. The incredible feeling of a hug can turn a frown upside down and more importantly, is a good deed.  We cam never know what is going on in the lives of the people around us, and sometimes a genuine hug can alter a persons day.

Hugga Bugga Kids Limited thinks like this as well; and to pursue the gift of a daily hug, Lisa and Tina, two marvelous moms joined forces and created an “embracelet”.

photo 1

When I got my embracelet in the mail, I immediately opened it – right at the mailbox.  I was super excited.  Especially since I spent a solid three hours on their website learning all about the bracelet and the power in a hug.  The bracelet sparkled in the sun.  As the light reflected off of the beads, it was absolutely breathtaking.

After staring at the embracelet and examining it outside my house in my pajamas, I decided to come inside and take a closer look.  I was kind of skeptical about the size – size large seemed like it was going to be too big, especially with my little wrists, but I slipped the bracelet on, and it fit very well.  Tina and Lisa must have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what works best for each size bracelet.  The bracelet is just as loose as I would like it to be.  It doesn’t slide up my arm like some do (and I HATE that!), nor does the bracelet slide off of my hand (which I HATE even more lol).

There is also a little charm on these bracelets – a lady bug.  So stinkin’ cute.  All of the charms are designed by a gentleman named Steve Fiskilis out of lead-free pewter.  The little lady bug seems solid – so if you kids get a hold of your bracelet you don’t need to worry about it breaking off or being damaged kind of solid.  I have the original red lady bug, and the paint is very vibrant and eye-catching.  The charm on the bracelet is meant to be moved around the beads to encourage people to give the daily gift of a hug.  I liked this idea, so right away, I tried it out.  I hollered to my son Anthony to come see his Momma, and to come give me some good lovin’.  I scooped my little man up in my arms and gave him a big ole squeeze.  After he wiggled out of my arms – because Mickey Mouse was on TV (God forbid), I moved my charm over a bead.

photo 4

There is a little clasp on the charm to help it dangle. Then I just needed to unhook, and re-hook after the next bead. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong, because I pushed on the hook, and the cute little charm just wouldn’t come off.  After a little playing with it, I realized the beads were just to close together and, that you actually need to just scoot one of the beads over a tad.  Then you can get your charm off to move on over to the next spot with ease. I am actually amazed by the strength and elasticity of the band used to hold the embracelet together.

photo 2

After my first day with the bracelet, I moved that charm 24 times, only one bead away from being at the large bead (a.k.a the starting point).  It made me feel good too.  I enjoyed how nice it was to be embraced by loved ones, and not shy away from a hug. Not that I usually do, but in our high paced society it is refreshing to see a product that helps us slow down and remember what is important in life – our loved ones.  The embracelet gave me a good sense of belonging, and it definitely seems like something every family should own.  Embracing in a hug is a simple way to say I love you to someone, help soothe an upset child, or a loved one  having a rough day.  On top of it all, it is available for only $15.99, for the adult size. This product screams love and good values.

If you like hugs, and want to share the love with your family, stop by Hugga Buggs Kids website, and see all of the beautiful embracelet options that they have.  You can also find them on Twitter @huggabuggakids.

I apologize for the lack of quality in my pictures – my big, good camera is broken.  Buttt… if you do visit the HuggaBuggaKids website, they have much better quality photos.

Aside from the charm being a little difficult to move, I absolutely love this bracelet, and the intentions behind it.  Enjoy being hugged.  You deserve it.

With Love,
Miss Lindsie


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  1. Hi, Lindsie. I’m just taking a minute to read the other embracelet reviews as I wrote one myself:

    I agree with everything you said and really love having a reason to seek out my little people (not so little anymore at 10 and 13) to give them a big hug. Great review. Just saying hi.

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