How Can I Whiten My Teeth

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

With the festive season approaching and the chance to dress up looming, many people are thinking about how they can look their best this winter. For some, they might not have seen people for well over a year, or perhaps they are meeting a new group and want to make their best impression possible. Whatever the reason, you will not be alone if you are taking some extra steps to make sure you feel great this season. For some, this will include making sure their smile is on point ready to dazzle their work crush, that mysterious stranger at the bar, or feel confident in photos taken with their friends.

You are probably here because you are wondering how you can whiten your teeth – so let’s not keep you waiting. Read on!

Understanding Enamel

Did you know, your actual tooth, dentin, is a dark yellow to brown color? This is why when our enamel thins, or it is damaged or stained, our teeth start to look more yellow. It’s our dentin showing through. There is nothing you can do about your dentin being dark, that is its natural color. However, you can control what color your enamel is to a certain degree, providing it is not damaged. It is important to have a realistic expectation of how light your enamel can be bleached and how much staining can be removed. Your enamel’s function should always be more important than your tooth color, as it protects against cavities, and keeps sensitivity at bay.

That being said, there are a few safe ways in which you can remove staining from your enamel to give your teeth a brighter, whiter, appearance. Using medical safe hydrogen peroxide in small amounts can help lift those stains – but it is best to see a professional, so you do not damage your teeth. Search “dentist near me” to find a reputable dentistry that has experience with whitening.

Remove or Limit Certain Habits and Drinks

Since staining and cavities are the main issues when it comes to tooth discoloration, if you can limit the source of your staining, then you can in theory, limit the stains. 

Certain drinks such as tea, coffee, and cola are all a nightmare when it comes to coloring your enamel. Tea and coffee, along with wine, all contain tannins, which is the very component that can threaten to take your pearly whites to yellow. 

Try to limit these drinks and when you do consume them, be sure to follow with water or brushing your teeth to minimize the chance of discoloration. 

If you are a smoker as well, you have probably been told more than once to try and give up, but if you want another reason, teeth staining and tarnishing is a big one. Smoking will also contribute to other mouth health issues including gum disease and even tooth loss. 

Teeth are a very delicate part of your body that cannot be easily replaced, and there is a warped idea about what teeth are “supposed” to look like. But if they are healthy and work well, you are already winning.

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