Happy Halloween – Recipes for Kids

Happy Halloween!

Last Saturday we carved our pumpkin, made some “mummy dogs”, and watched a Halloween movie together as a family.  Have you seen the Halloween Toy Story yet?  Too cute!

It was so nice spending family time together, no distractions, no cell phones, no phone calls – nothing but family time.  Earlier in the day, we went to Walmart and had Anthony pick out a costume.  I was surprised that he didn’t choose something like Buzz Lightyear, or Mickey Mouse, but he chose a simple Pirate costume.  It came with the hat and a one piece pirate suit.  It was stinkin’ cute too.  We asked him if he would rather have a sword or a hook, and he choose a sword.  So many of them looked cheap (I guess it was the weekend before Halloween at Walmart), but I found a really neat plastic sword that looks like stone, and has a skull on it.  He was happier with the sword than the pumpkin, the hot dogs or the costume… boys!

Maybe I can get a better picture tonight!

My favorite part of Halloween is the pumpkin seeds, so I made sure when I set up to put a bowl on the table to save them!

We started out the night by letting Anthony get into his Halloween pajamas… I’m pretty sure he would never put real clothes on if I let him.  Are your kids like this?  While D.J. and I worked on making Anthony some super cool “mummy dogs”.  We bought a pack of croissant rolls and cut them into strips.  We wrapped the strips around the hot dogs and baked them in the oven.  When they came out, I used a squeeze bottle, and put little ketchup eyes in between the “bandages”.  Anthony devoured them. (A note on hot dogs… do yourself the favor and buy AppleGate Farms hot dogs – they come in beef, chicken and organic varieties, and you can feel good about serving your kids hot dogs.  They have no preservatives, no nasties at all.  Just beef (or chicken), salt, celery and love.  They are all natural, and taste wonderful.)

recipe I’m sure he’s going to love this one when he’s older! haha


After we ate our hot dogs, we started carving the pumpkin.  D.J. made the “lid”, and Anthony enjoyed putting the lid on and off so much we actually had to take the lid away so that he would help us remove the guts.  Mom got stuck on gut removal.  Not so bad though, because it meant that I didn’t miss a single one of those yummy pumpkin seeds.  I poked the pumpkin design with the little poker, and D.J. and Anthony carved.

It was finally dark by the time we were finished, and we got to go outside and light our pumpkin.  It was bath time, and then time for a “spooky” movie.  Anthony snuggled with us on the couch and we snacked on some of the pumpkin seeds I roasted while the boys took a bath.  By the way… you can roast seeds from any winter squash and they are just as delicious!


All in all it was a great night, and I can’t wait until tonight when we get to go out Trick-Or-Treating, get a pizza (or two), and make a trip to Krispy Kreme for Anthony free donut (his favorite).  I guess we’ll keep the family traditions up and I’ll hand out the candy while the boys go out Trick-Or-Treating.

Pizza and pumpkin seeds always bring me back to childhood.  What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

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