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Last night we were getting ready to go to dinner at a friend house, and like the good guests we are, wanted to bring something.  I realized as I was scavenging through my pantry and fridge that I am getting low on the essentials everything.  I managed to throw together a delicious Antipasta Salad with what was in my fridge, and by borrowing some olives from our neighbor, Rick.

It’s time to go grocery shopping.  Every week before planning my meals for the week and going shopping, I take inventory of what I have in my pantry, fridge and freezer.  This is what I have in stock right now:


3 chicken breasts
1 lb ground beef
1/2 lb chorizo
3 cornish hens
frozen burger patties
deli turkey and curry chicken breast
hot dogs


fresh mozzarella
parmesan cheese
deli white american
sour cream
swiss cheese slices


baby carrots
corn on the cob
1/2 head romaine lettuce
green onions
roasted red peppers
roasted green chilis


homemade chicken stock
corn, cauliflower, green beans and edamame


baked beans
pinto beans
kidney beans
refried beans
crushed tomatoes
diced tomatoes
tomato sauce
cous cous
spaghetti, fettuccine
brown rice
cream of mushroom soup
tomato soup
beef stock
rice noodles
1/2 load bread

There are a couple really good sales on meat this week, so I am stocking up.  King Soopers has Nathan’s hot dogs on sale for $1.99 a pack – usually they are like $4-5 a pack.  And Sprouts has chicken thighs on sale for $1.77/lb and grass-fed ground beef for only $3.99/lb!  My freezer is going to be full after this weeks grocery trip. I always set aside an extra $30 a month for this reason.

So, what’s on the menu?


Breakfast – Waffles
Lunch – BLATT wrap
Dinner – Spaghetti and meatballs


Breakfast – Yogurt, granola and fresh fruit
Lunch – Caprese sandwich
Dinner – Out for dinner!


Breakfast – Bagel and cream cheese
Lunch – Strawberry spinach salad
Dinner – Tacos

Wednesday – 4th of July

Breakfast – Bacon and eggs
Lunch and Dinner – BBQ at a friends


Breakfast – Cereal
Lunch – Nachos with leftover taco meat
Dinner – Chicken stirfry


Breakfast – Breakfast burritos with chorizo
Lunch – Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Dinner – BBQ chicken, baked beans and corn on the cob


Breakfast – Pierogies
Lunch – Hot dogs
Dinner – Asian lettuce wraps

My grocery list is super small, and only has extras for the sale items I mentioned above, the iced coffee that D.J. and I love so much and some stuff to make smores for 4th of July.  To save the most, I wrote down which sales were on at each grocery store, and planned my menu around that and the ingredients that were already in my fridge, pantry and freezer.  This is how my grocery trip looks:

Sprouts = $30.58

2 strawberries – $0.88 each
2 avocados – $0.50 each
1 bag baby spinach – $1.49
2 organic broccoli crowns – $0.98 per pound
bean sprouts
2 heads romaine lettuce – $0.99 each
1 bunch cilantro – $0.33 each
2 cans olives – $0.88 each
potato chips – $1.50 each
3 lbs grass fed ground beef – $3.99 per pound (1 lb this week and remaining for rest of the month)
3 lbs chicken thighs – $1.77 per pound (stocked for the rest of the month)
bacon (the good stuff from the case) – $3.99 per pound

King Soopers = $20.21

4 Nathan’s hot dogs – $1.99 each
basil – $1.99
snap peas – $2.49 (because I can’t find them anywhere else)
1/2 lb turkey breast – $5.99/lb
1 gallon milk – $2.29
1 ln cheddar cheese – $2.49

Safeway = $9.87

s’mores kit – $6
hot dog buns – $1.99
1 box cereal – $1.88 each

Walmart = $23.09

1 loaf bread – $2.49 each
1, 15 oz can hominy – $0.98
1 pkg flour tortillas – $2.29
1 bag tortilla chips – $2
cream cheese – $1.79
1 qt half and half – $2.98
2 stok iced coffee – $3.99 each
2 frozen edamame – $1.29 each

Grand total (including extras): $56.75

$19.23 of the grand total is from purchasing extra ingredients on sale (2 lbs ground beef, 3 lbs chicken thighs and 3 packages of hot dogs)

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Check back next week to see what’s on our families table and how I use the ingredients I bought this week to make more meals!

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