Grid Iron Football Review

Gridiron Football Review

The weather is finally starting to warm up here in Colorado a little, and spring sports are starting soon. A couple weeks ago, we got the opportunity to try Gridiron Football’s Football Academy in Boulder, and it was one of the best sporting experiences that Anthony has ever had. From the moment we walked in the doors, there was just this positive energy from everyone in the building, and you just KNEW it was going to be a good day.

Football is pretty new to us, at least from a playing standpoint. Last spring, D.J. helped teach the kiddos some basics about football and held ‘practice’ on Friday’s, but Gridiron’s Football Academy was our first real experience with a Football program.

Gridiron’s Football Academy was such an incredible experience. Like I mentioned above, from the moment we walked in, we knew it was going to be a great experience. As they were getting ready to start training, Anthony got to watch some high school kids throw the ball around, and saw the passion in these kids eyes for football. It was so encouraging. You knew that these kids WANTED to be there, and wanted to help teach younger kiddos about the sport. The coaches did too. Just everyone who was at Gridiron’s Football Academy loved football, and was there because they loved football, and wanted to share that love and passion with others.

There wasn’t a lot of equipment to lug around, Anthony just needed a water bottle, a mouth guard, some pocketless shorts and a pair of cleats. Gridiron supplies everything else that the kiddos need, including helmets! Football Academy lasted three hours, and ended with a little scrimmage at the end of the day. I think this was my absolute favorite part of the day – watching all of the things that they learned come together. Especially when Anthony threw the ball for a touchdown!

During the course of training, kiddos split into groups, rotating around to different coaches, who taught different positions – from offense to defense, everything was covered, and the kids got to try every position out. The drills that they did with the kids were things that you would see at the NFL Combine (40 year dash, 5-10-5 shuffle, etc.). Anthony really enjoyed paying running back and quarter back. All we heard about for the next week was the things that he learned, and how he wants to go back.

Grid Iron Football Review

In addition to the Football Academy, Gridiron Football offers Recreational and Competitive Flag Football, Flex Football, Football Camps and more! I like that with the football programs that practice and games are held on the same day with the game right after practice – so you might have a tired (and hungry) kiddo at the end of the day, but you’re not going out multiple times a week for practices and stuff.

If you’re looking to get your kiddos started playing Football, I would highly recommend Gridiron Football. We have already signed Anthony up for another Football Academy and for Spring Recreational Flag Football. They have programs for boys and girls, starting at 5 years old. You can learn more about Football programs offered this spring, summer and fall on Gridiron Football’s website, or on their Instagram @playgridironfb. Programs are offered in 25 different states right now.

Grid Iron Football Review

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