Go Orange For Hunger! Budget Friendly Menu Plans Included.

If you’re sitting in your pajamas, or even still laying in bed trying to figure out what to wear today, #GoOrange.  Don’t worry, you’re still reading an email from me, Lindsie (Mom’s Bistro), not some fashion blog – although, I am quite stylish (yeah right!)!  But if you are looking for a great fashion blog, my friend Nikki is actually stylish.  Check out her blog, The Stylish Snowflake here.

Today is Hunger Action Day.  It unofficially kicks off Hunger Action Month, a nation-wide campaign mobilizing the public to take action on the issue of hunger. Organized by the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks, the campaign brings greater attention to the issue of hunger in America and promotes ways for individuals everywhere to get involved with the movement to solve it.  Todays post includes ways that you can Go Orange for Hunger Action Day as well as 6 great budget-friendly menu plans!

Go Orange today.  

Here are some ideas to help you Go Orange:

  • wear an orange shirt, an orange dress or an orange tie
  • hang this flyer for your friends and co-workers to see how they can Go Orange and help fight hunger too (Download HAM2014 Flyer)
  • Print out this placemat, and discuss hunger with your kids (Download NKH Placemat)
  • Tweet or Instagram your photos using the hashtag #GoOrange and #HungerAction
  • Donate any non-perishable food items to our Feeding Hunger, Fighting Hope Food Drive or to a local food bank in your area
  • Go Orange on Facebook or Twitter by using Feeding America’s nifty app to change your profile picture Orange to raise awareness for Hunger Action Month

Other Ways To Help

  • Skip a latte, and donate the $4 to your local Food Bank.  Remember $1=5 meals, so your latte equals 20 meals!
  • Participate in the SNAP (Food Stamp) Challenge – can you live on just $4.50 worth of food each day!?
  • Contact a member of congress and have them visit your local food bank

Try one of these budget meals, as you eat a little more consciously thinking of the 16 million kids in America who are not quite sure where their next meal is coming from.  

Feed a family a weeks worth of four breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for less than $100
A Week of Dinner for Only $35
A Week of Dinner for Only $35
7 Day Budget-Friendly Menu Plan
7 Day Budget-Friendly Menu Plan
8 Kid-Approved, Budget Friendly Recipes
8 Kid-Approved, Budget Friendly Recipes
A Month of Meals for $141!
A Month of Meals for $141!

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