Denver Mom’s Rejoice! FREE Birthday Parties at Home Depot!

Anthony’s birthday parties are always a hit, but this year was very special!  Since it was Anthony’s 5th, we wanted to do something extra special for him and we definitely did just that.

jerry flickenger birthday party

My boy LOVES to build things, and create and design (my future engineer), and when we saw that the Highlands Ranch Home Depot offers FREE birthday parties for kids, my heart skipped a beat.  Birthday parties can be expensive, and Jerry Flickinger, the gentleman who coordinate these parties does all of this out of the goodness of his heart, saving parents a ton of money while their kids get to play and enjoy.

jerry flickenger birthday party

I didn’t go all out on the decorations and such this year because I knew that as soon as the kids saw Jerry and everything he had set up, they wouldn’t appreciate a clever name for pizza, and thank goodness because Jerry definitely stole the show!  The moment I met him, he gave me a big hug and welcomed me and everyone else as family!  It felt like we knew each other for years, and just made the experience that much more special.

jerry flickenger birthday party

I heard about Jerry’s birthday parties from a quick Google search and called him right away!  We scheduled a birthday party on the spot – but I got lucky!  Jerry fills up quickly and has done over 800 (I believe) parties over the past few years – about 160 a year!  He also works with schools teaching kids how to build things.

jerry flickenger birthday party

With Jerry’s birthdays, you get the room for two (2) hours and it’s completely FREE!  With each party, the kids all get to build something different – from a toolbox, a helicopter, a truck or even a football toss game so that they all don’t have to build the same thing!  The room comes set up with a table full of hammers, screwdrivers, safety goggles, Home Depot aprons (that the kids get to bring home) and a box full of markers for decorating their creation.  Jerry has the tables set up with everything you need as soon as you get there, and along the back wall is boxes full of the projects that the kids can choose to build.

jerry flickenger birthday party

Jerry walks the kids through every step of the process, teaching them all how to use the hammer, and how to follow the instructions to properly build their toy.  I noticed that not only did the kids have fun, but the Dads were all in on it too, sitting around anxiously waiting to build something themselves, or just hovering over the kids wanting to help.  So, of course, since Jerry is a Dad himself, lets the Dads in on the action, and build something with their kids.  Don’t think these parties are just for boys either – Rachel, my friends daughter had more fun than the boys did I think!  She really enjoyed creating her truck, and then coloring it pink and purple!!


As the kids are creating and building, parents are free to have pizza or any other foods delivered, or if you’re like us, bring everything in.  It’s great because Home Depot has those HUGE shopping carts, so we were able to bring everything we needed in in one shot!  Most of the snacks that I served this time were for the parents, but thats because I knew the kids would be so busy building.  We set up the food table in the front of the room.  Anthony had an ice cream cake this year, and the folks at Home Depot allowed us to use their fridge and freezer to hold our food.  They even gave us some plastic forks from their break room that we forgot.

jerry flickenger birthday party

While the kids finished their projects, ate and had birthday cake, Jerry sat and mingled with the kids and parents.  It was such a great experience from start to finish, and would recommend this to any parents in the Denver metro area looking for a birthday party ideas.  Jerry runs birthday parties on Saturday’s and Sunday’s only has a couple of rules; NO pinatas, a maximum of 25 kids and one adult for every two kids.


If you’re interested in having a birthday party with Jerry, he can be reached at the Highlands Ranch Home Depot at 720-344-7645.

Thanks so much, Jerry for such a great birthday experience!  This is one that we will remember for years.








The girls and I even had time to fix our makeup…




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