How To Prepare a Foolproof Thanksgiving Feast with Walmart Grocery To Go with Foolproof Make Ahead Recipes | PLUS: Get $15 Off Of Your First Walmart To Go Order!

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Thanksgiving has a way of sneaking up on us, no matter how prepared we are.  Just the other night, I was going over the final details of our Thanksgiving feast and realized that the “big day” was only a week away.  Eeeek!  This year, I am not actually hosting Thanksgiving, but joining a family friend, who is like family, and I am in charge of all of the sides and dessert.  Thanks to Walmart Grocery To Go, Thanksgiving couldn’t have been easier.  

We all work the day before Thanksgiving, and I am actually preparing a Thanksgiving feast for 100 kids and 20 teachers that day, so all of my prep needed to be done ahead of time.  We are approaching crunch-time.  If you haven’t already it is time to plan a menu, create your grocery list and get shopping.  

If you’re anything like me, you hate grocery shopping this time of year.  Especially if you have young kids.  Finding a parking spot, remembering your list, fighting crowds, waiting in line, accommodating the requests of an anxious preschool asking you for more free cookies – it can all be tiring.  Instead of dealing with the headache of it all, make a fresh pot of coffee (or a cup of tea), sit down in front of the computer in your pajamas with your grocery list, register for Walmart Grocery To Go and order your groceries.  Use this link and get $15 off of your first order!



I love using Walmart to order my groceries.  I use it for work all the time too.  It’s an awesome way to stick to a budget, and really stick to the items on your grocery list.  I always find myself wandering when I go to the grocery store, and always spend more money than I budgeted for because I was too lazy to price compare or just saw that one two little snacks I’d like, and buy them.  By using Walmart Grocery To Go, I can see the running total of my groceries, and I am able to compare items based on size, and brand.  They even show you the price per ounce or unit, to make sure you can get the best bang for your buck.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.31.35 PM


I searched for and added all the ingredients I needed for our Thanksgiving feast to my shopping cart.  As you add your items, you can edit the quantity in your shopping cart on the right side of your screen.  I really like this feature when ordering because I can see everything I have already ordered – less margin for error, and less of a chance to spend too much money.  I was able to get everything I needed for our feast including fresh produce, baking goods, meat, dairy and other grocery items.  I even was able to get the Ziplock bags and saran wrap I needed for preparing and storing foods.  

I placed my order on Thursday for a Saturday morning delivery, but if you place your order before 10:00 A.M., there is same-day delivery available!  You can choose from two or four hour delivery windows starting as early as 7:00 A.M., and as late as 11:00 P.M., so no matter what time you’re home, you can get groceries.  If for some reason there are no delivery slots available, picking up your groceries is a breeze.  The morning your order is ready, Walmart will call you, to let you know.  Return their call about 10 minutes before you want to pick up your groceries, let them know your name and the color of your car, and an associate is waiting outside with your groceries, ready to load in to your car.  The best part about picking up your groceries is that unlike many other grocery store, Walmart Grocery To Go pickup is FREE!  


When my delivery arrived, the driver was as courteous and helpful as always.  He explained the substitutions in our order, and brought all of my groceries inside for me.  They were all packaged perfectly, separating fresh produce from raw meats, etc.  I also love that if there is a substituted item, Walmart charges you for the lower priced item.  If for some reason there is an error with your order, Walmart will re-deliver for free with your items, will not charge you for the items, and allows you to keep the wrong item as well.  They really have the ultimate grocery delivery service, and customer service. 

The first thing I did when I got our groceries was put away the frozen and refrigerated items, and washed my produce.  Then, it was time to prep.  On our Thanksgiving menu this year we are having (there are links to the recipes below);

Caramelized Onion and Brie Tartlets
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
Glazed Carrots
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
Sweet Potato Pie

I organized all of the ingredients out for each of these with their corresponding recipes.  I know I cannot make the mashed potatoes yet, so, I put the ingredients for those away, but left everything else out, and started to prepare.   With my Walmart Grocery To Go order, I got some Ziplock bags, so as I prepare ingredients, I can put them in bags, and label them, so when game day comes, all I have to do is cook – and there is minimal clean up on Thanksgiving Day this way.  

Using Walmart Grocery To Go for or Thanksgiving feast couldn’t have been easier.  It is Saturday, and I am about 90% done my Thanksgiving prep.  All that is left to do is bake my pie, assemble the tartlets and stuffing, roast the carrots and brussels sprouts and peel, boil and mash my taters.  

Everything ready to go for Thanksgiving Day!
Everything ready to go for Thanksgiving Day!


Planning ahead with grocery delivery from Walmart Grocery To Go has made life simple.  I now have time to spend with family, away from the kitchen on Thanksgiving.  Click here to try Walmart Grocery to Go and save $15 on your first order.  

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