Food Stamp Challenge – Day Three

Hey Y’all!

I did it, y’all!  I added BACON to my FNS budget, and still have money left over.  My budget has changed a little bit – I took things out of my pantry, and added things that I purchased from the grocery store.

My budget called for $83.00 for the five days, and after changing my menu around, I ended up spending $61.52 – a difference of $21.48.  My original total was $61.04, including my pantry and what I purchased.  With that, my menu called for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches two days in a row, and I really am not a fan of PB&J, so since I had $21 left over, I went to the store, and added a few things, to make my menu even fuller – I have found I am much more satisfied already from just spending the extra few dollars that my budget allowed me.

For breakfast today, we had oatmeal.  That cost a total of $0.89 for the four of us, including the milk that we added to the top of the oats!  Lunch, I spruced it up, and since breakfast was minimal, I made “McMuffins” with bacon, egg and cheese.  Lunch ended up for a total of $3.17 for three of them (Anthony just had an egg since he cannot really eat a sandwich yet).  For dinner tonight, we are having enchilada’s.  We are using the leftover chicken from Monday, so it makes tonight’s meal total $6.65, for a daily total of $10.71.

Keep your eyes peeled, I am going to write a blog in just a minute with the breakdown of everything that I purchased, had in my pantry, and how I cost it all out for each serving, and the amazing amount of food that I have left for next week’s challenge.

Oh yeah… I am taking this challenge next week too!  Will you join me?

With Love,
Miss Lindsie

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