Food Stamp Challenge Day 1 of 5

Hey Y’all!

The FNS Challenge started today!  I am living on $4.15 a day worth of food, so for the four of us, we can only spend $16.60 for all three meals today.

Each of us had the following for breakfast today:

2 eggs
1 toast and
1/2 cup honey dew melon

This equaled a total of $3.00 (for all four of us).  I figured this out as 75 cents for the eight eggs, $0.25 for the three slices of toast, $0.50 for the 2 cups of grits I cooked for breakfast that were divided among the four of us, $0.30 for the butter I used in the grits and on the toast and $1.25 for the 2 cups of honey dew melon we shared.

This leaves us with $13.60 for the rest of the day…

Lunch is a little different than what I had originally planned in my menu.  Since I had $21.96 left over, I spent an extra few dollars at the grocery store, and bought a pound of boneless skinless chicken breast – I got 4 pieces of chicken, for $1.99 at Harris Teeter, and also bought a head of lettuce and some salad dressing.  This was a total of $6.39, so that brings my budget to $67.43, leaving me with $15.57.

Lunch today was chicken ceasar salad – having planned out so well, I was able to change it up a little, so that we could have variety, and not just eat sandwiches for lunch.  After costing it out, I used half a pound of chicken which cost $1.00, half a head of lettuce, $1.29, and about 4 tbsp of salad dressing, and that cost around $0.50.  We also had some baby carrots with lunch.  This brought my remaining budget of $13.60 to $10.81 to get us through dinner.

Dinner tonight is a whole roasted chicken with a side of veggies, and rice.  The whole chicken cost me $4.37 – but it will get me three meals.  I also bought two bags of frozen veggies which were $1.39 each for dinner tonight, and I will serve half of each of those bags, as well as a box of rice-a-roni, which cost $1.00.  After proportioning the meal out (and I am using the cost of the whole chicken – since it’s considered leftovers the other nights), I have spent $7.01.  This includes the broullion cubes that I had in my pantry.

When all is said and done, I spent a total of $12.80 for the day to feed the four of us – this gives us $3.80 left over for the day! I am sure that I will be needing that extra $3.80 later on in the week.

Right now, I am actually kind of hungry.  I usually have a little larger lunch than a salad, and carrots – and the fact that soda and coffee do not fit into my budget are making me feel a little irritable – I guess that’s the word.  I’ll update tonight after dinner to see how everyone else is feeling and how they are handling the challenge.

Join my fellow Food Bank supporters and their journey with this challenge.
@GregoryNg of FreezerBurns – he is posting a video everyday about his voyage through the challenge, from his shopping trips to his experiences.

Learn more about the challenge, by visiting, and read about other participants in the challenge, and how you can join!

If you want to join on Twitter, use the hashtag #415aday.  Let me know how you’re doing in the challenge, how your shopping went, and how you’re feeling.  Are you hungry?  Was this challenge hard?  Easy?  I want to know.  Share with me!

With Love,
Miss Lindsie xo

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