Food Stamp Challenge – Week Two, Day One

Hey Y’all!

It’s already week two of the Food Stamp challenge. I feel good taking it again, I am learning a lot for myself from this challenge. I now realize how much I was taking for granted, and how much food I used to waste. I am very conservative now, and am proportioning my meals much, much better. When I used to over cook, and have way too many leftovers, I am cooking just right now with maybe enough leftovers for one person for lunch the next day. I am also a lot more conscious about using what is in my pantry.

For breakfast, I opened my pound of bacon for the week. I would usually cook half the pound for breakfast because I would snack on the leftovers all day, but I always had more bacon – this week, I don’t. So, I only cooked four slices – two for me and two for D.J. Then I made my eggs, and some toast. For lunch we had french onion soup. I just used broullion cubes for the beef broth, and I bought a bulk sized bag of onions when my family was in town last weekend, so I used the rest of them for the soup. Instead of the nice fancy french bread I’d usually serve, I just cut it into croutons and toasted them up with some herbs, and I just used a little of the leftover cheese from the weekend. Dinner was london broil, half a bag of frozen brussels sprouts, and some rice that I fried into cakes, because it was something different.

I felt very satisfied after dinner tonight. It was a good day worth of meals. I am finding that it was much easier for me to shop for my family instead of shopping for myself. The extra money in my budget allowed me to buy in bulk and a little more of a buffer.

I had $12.45 to spend today. This is how it broke down:

Breakfast – $1.55

2 eggs each (6) – $0.69
bacon (4 slices) – $0.73
toast (3 slices) – $0.13

Lunch – $2.34

broullion cubes (5) – $0.49
onions (4) – $1.42
bread (2) – $0.08
cheese (2 slices) – $0.34

Dinner – $6.07

London broil – $4.07
rice (1 cup) – $0.28
bread crumbs (1/2 cup) – $0.25
egg (1) – $0.11
bacon (2 slices) – $0.36
brussels sprouts (1/2 bag) – $0.69
butter (3 tbsp) – $0.31

TOTAL: $9.96
Difference: $2.49

I did learn that frozen brussels sprouts really do not look that pretty though. They taste great, but aren’t that appetizing.

I have some steak left for sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, I will serve it on toast with a slice of cheese, and serve the leftover french onion soup with a slice of cheese. The cheese and bread spreads out pretty far. And I will just give Anthony some soup, and the steak without the bread and cheese. Lunch should be fairly cheap tomorrow since I only have to take the cheese and bread out of my food supply and budget.

I ask you to join me again in this challenge. I am learning so much with everyday I am in this challenge, and I am sure you will too.

With Love,
Miss Lindsie



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