Favorite Snacks!

I love snacking…. to be honest, I think I love snacking more than I love to eat real meals.  It’s just so satisfying, and I just love eating all night.  I think it’s because I was always at my grandmothers house as a child, and she loved to snack.  There was always chocolate, or popcorn out at her house, and it was just very convenient to shovel a mouthful of goodness while watching my favorite TV shows.

I was at work last night when I saw that this list was posted.  I actually got my notification from AliMoonGoddess, and got super excited thinking about my own list.  The whole way home I contemplated about what snacks would actually make the list, and which ones I just enjoyed every once in a while.

Food is always on my mind, and I am always thinking of ways I can make something different, or how I can make something that I have never tried before. Food is a huge part of my family, and almost everything we do revolves around food (well, it was chocolate with my Nan).  So this weeks list, came down to these snacks:


Now there are defiantly other items that are on my list like:

  • pickles (any kind)
  • cheese and crackers
  • roasted red peppers
  • marinated artichokes
  • black olives
  • potato chips

But, the ones I wrote down are my absolute favorite.  I have to say I miss Tim Horton’s too.  Their coffee was so convenient, cheap and I always had one in my cold little hands when I lived in Canada.  It really was the best snack – and the source of my caffeine addiction.

What are some of your favorite snacks?  Are you a snacker like me, or do you just like a whole meal?  Share your favorite snacks with me!

With Love,
Miss Lindsie


  1. We are LOVING pomegranate at the moment! Topped some paleo bircher muesli with it the other day…mmm mmm! e & c

  2. Lorna Shaw

    Hello Lindsie, I was searching through some of your recipes but cannot find your wonderful granola mix. Anychance you could send it to me. We have staff social every other week at work and it is my turn to make something for breakfast. I thought what better way to start the day than your granola, fresh fruit and yogurt.
    Love Auntie Lorna

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