Ever have one of those days where you think you might make chili, but instead get married?

I’m married!  And as silly as it seems, that stupid piece of paper makes my family feel complete.  For the last four years, D.J. and I have lived and acted like we were married, but it was never “official”, and on Wednesday, instead of making chili we made that happen.  

There has never been anyone in my life quite like D.J.  He has been my biggest fan, best friend, the most incredible daddy to Anthony and a lover.  A lover like no other.  He’s kind, compassionate, he listens and understands and he’s strong.  I’ve never met a man as strong as D.J. and he keeps amazing me day after day, and as cliche as it sounds, I fall in love with him every day – even when he leaves the kitchen a mess ;).  I am so absolutely blessed to have him in my life, and to be able to start a family and have a future with him.  


We’ve been talking about our wedding for a long time.  Even before we got engaged, and there have been so, so many ideas that we have talked about and we toured places to have a reception, but nothing really felt like us.  Throughout all of our talks about our wedding, it always comes down to two things for us – LOVE AND PIZZA.  Originally when we started planning and touring places, we talked about having a pizza cake around 11 p.m. – and by a pizza cake we mean a tower of all different pizzas, but after we toured these places and realized that they really weren’t a good fit for us, we figured what better way to celebrate than at our favorite pizza restaurant, and fingers crossed they will allow us to have our reception there.  After all, it was the first restaurant we went to when we moved to Colorado, the same pizza restaurant we frequent almost weekly, and the pizza restaurant we went to the night we got engaged, and then back to the next morning for biscuits and another pizza.  

Our decision to get married on a Wednesday was pretty impromptu, but that really fits our personalities.  We decided on Tuesday night that on Wednesday we were going to tie the knot, and finally become Mr. and Mrs., and that’s when our planning began.  We still want to have a small ceremony (maybe) and reception in the summer, but we just didn’t want to wait that long to officially become husband and wife, so we headed to our local government building, and make it happen!

In Colorado, you can officiate your own wedding, which is exciting and kind of perfect.  I’ve always struggled with my faith, so getting married in a church was always out of the question, and getting married in a courthouse just didn’t seem right, so when we heard that we could actually officiate the wedding, I knew that it was just meant to be.  

Wednesday, I originally planed to make vegetarian southwest chili for a blog post I had been working on for PTPA, but instead, I spent the whole morning, nervously getting ready.  I washed and styled my hair, put makeup on, wore something old, new, borrowed and blue and got my handsome little ring barer ready for the big day.  I’m not sure if nervous is the right word, but my goodness I was full of anxiety – I wanted to look beautiful for D.J. and I just couldn’t wait to finally be his bride.  I kept looking at the clock, and it felt like it would NEVER be 1 p.m., and I was never going to see D.J., but alas it came, and my groom came to pick me up for our lunchtime ceremony.


I saw D.J. on Wednesday morning before he left for work, but when I saw him at lunch time, he looked even more handsome.  We headed to our local government building, checked into the kiosk, and in no time at all, they called our number and we headed to the desk.  After a few questions making sure that we were not related or married before, we started filling out the marriage certificate.  Since we can officiate our own wedding, we both signed to marry each other, and then we were officially married.  The woman helping us out, wished us congratulations, and then that’s when D.J. kissed me!!!

We walked out of the building holding hands and grinning from ear to ear.  We walked to the car together, got Anthony in his carseat, D.J. opened my door for me (like always), he got in, and we kissed again!  After leaving, we grabbed some tacos from a local taqueria, and D.J. headed back to work.   

I spent the afternoon on the phone telling my family about our marriage!  D.J. picked me up after work and of course, we went back to the Atomic Cowboy for a celebratory pizza!   

It wasn’t traditional or planned and it really was the perfect day, perfect wedding and the perfect night. It was intimate, romantic, and just about US.  I feel that so many people consider others when it comes to their weddings, and everyone is always trying to impress everyone else and we didn’t want anything to do with that.  Our love celebrated just the way it should have been, D.J., Anthony and myself, with a slice of GOOD pizza.  I hope that we celebrate the same way every year on our anniversary with pizza and endless love.


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D.J., I love you with all of my heart and soul, and I am so blessed to have you in my life.  You’re my best friend, my rock and now my husband.  I am so grateful for everyday I have got to spend with you, and I look forward to spending the rest of my days with you by my side.  I would follow you through the gates of hell, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you – I moved to a place where it snows so that must be proof enough.  Thank you for being in my life.  Things haven’t always been the easiest for us and we have struggled, but through it all our love remained strong and we remained a team and it carried us onward and forward.  Together, we make an unstoppable team.  I’ll love you forever, always and a day.  

Thanks Tara from Junction Mess for the title of this post.  I did end up making the chili, and it was fantastic!  


Best. Pizza. Ever. #pizza #colorado #denver

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  1. What a great love story, thanks for sharing!! I love that you did it your way. You’ll always look back and love your wedding! Great pictures too! Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations, DJ and Lindsie! I couldn’t be happier for two of my friends who deserve nothing but good things and happiness. I love that you did what felt right to you; I think that’s what matters most when it comes to getting married. I can’t wait to celebrate with you two because we miss you all like crazy.

    Again, congratulations and I wish you both all the best!

    NCsquared Life

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