I’m A Detoxing – My Whole Body Detox Plan (www.eatingfourlife.com)

D.J. and I are detoxing.  We have a plan in mind, our fridge is stocked, and we’re ready to juice!

Since we need to prepare our bodies for the cleanse, we have a very specific plan in mind.  And just to see how well the cleanse worked, I took before pictures.  When we’re done (next month), I will post the after pictures.

don’t make fun of my face lol

So, I know I’m not overweight.  And, I know I do not need to lose weight, if anything, I need to gain weight.

Well, then if I am not doing this cleanse to lose weight, why am I doing this cleanse?  To put it simply… for my health.  Detoxing eliminates toxins. Toxins are those nasties that cause cancers, and disease, and just make us, not-well.

To prepare for my cleanse, I read quite a few books, but I am basically following (with a few changes) the plan from Juicing, Fasting & Detoxing for Lifeand have come up with this plan:

In addition to creating my detox plan, I have created a menu to go along with it.  Now, the menu isn’t very specific, like most of my menus that I post here, but it will give us a good start, and I can create specific juice recipes for the week etc as I go, and do all of my shopping at once.

I want to detox to feel better.  I have been feeling very blahhhh lately, and have lost my passion for many things.  I haven’t been able to volunteer at the Food Bank as much as I would like to, and I haven’t followed/stuck too many of my resolutions that I set back in January.  I have been hitting the gym lately, and that’s a huge plus, but I am just not me.  I am excited for the clarity that detoxing will bring me, and I am excited to feel better.  It’s not that I am “ill”, but with all of my leg pain, and numbness, I am excited to see how cleansing will help, and to see how I am going to feel after.

As I sit and write this, I have pins and needles in my left foot, and a stabbing pain in my left hip.  If everything I read about juicing, and detoxing to be true, I will be without these pains for quite sometime, and if I stick to a more specific diet after the cleanse, I should be without symptoms.

Since Mom’s Bistro isn’t a really a “detox” or “healthy eating” blog, and I share all sorts of recipes, and focus on hunger – I am posting my detox progression and how I feel each day on my other site, www.eatingfourlife.com.  Along side with DJ, we will share our stories about how we feel, what we ate, and what our bodies are doing.  Also, we’ll be sharing our hard-core, go and get it fitness plan (a definite asset to any cleanse) and a few recipes along the way.

Have you ever detoxed?  What were your experiences?  How do you feel about detoxing?  Share with me, please.  I’d love to know other peoples experiences as I embark on this cleansing voyage.

With Love,
Miss Lindsie



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