Printable Cleaning Schedule – How To Always Keep A Clean House (Even with Kids)

Moving, has again had me thinking about how I am going to address and maintain a clean house.  I have created and printed a schedule to follow daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that our house stays as clean as can be!  How do you keep your house clean?  Do you use a schedule, or do you just take one day, and clean the entire place?  I find that with a two-year old, having a schedule is important because I can do just a few tasks a day during nap time, and when D.J. is home on the weekends, I can do the bigger chores.  I would usually do laundry throughout the week, but since I have to go to a laundry mat to do my laundry now, I have devoted a day to it.

Laundry is that one task which I absolutely hate doing.  It just never ends!  I feel like I am caught up, and I look, and there is a pile of stuff in the hamper again!  Ugh!  Anyways, here is the schedule that I use to clean!

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daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule


And here is the PDF, if you would like to print it.  I keep mine on the inside of my kitchen cabinet in a page protector!  That way you can just use a dry erase marker, and cross off what you have completed, and can make notes!

Cleaning Schedule

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What are YOU looking for in a recipe?  Comment and let me know!
What are YOU looking for in a recipe? Comment and let me know!



  1. TerriSsmith

    just found your site….thanks really needed a schedule for cleaning house can’t wait to see and use other schedules… your menus /recipes work for people w/ dibetics

    • Hey Terri!

      Some of them do, yes. But I also provide personalized menu plans for folks with diabetes – or really any other disease! Please send me an e-mail to, and let me know what you’re looking for and we’ll make something work – just for you! Thanks for the reply!

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