Christmas Side Dishes

With the Christmas season approaching quickly, I have came up with a few side dishes for Christmas dinner.  I wasssss supposed to post this part of my 12 Days of Christmas series on Thursday, but I have been so busy, it’s just kind of been put aside.  I have had the menu plans ready, and the posts all ready for y’all.  I apologize for those of you who subscribe for the slew of emails you’re going to get today as I update my 12 Days.

For Christmas this year, we are making beef wellington!  I am a little scared, but I have made it before, so I’m excited at the same time.  For this meal, I am going for a more elegant meal, instead of the traditional.  Well, traditional, just spruced up I guess.  If y’all are looking for more traditional, or southern style dishes, click here, and it’ll bring you to a long list of delicious side dishes that you can add to your meal.

I do have my entire menu planned, except for dessert.  I know I am making a sweet potato pie, and Santa asked for oatmeal scotchies, but that’s all I know for dessert thus far.  Just click on the link below, and it will bring you right to the recipe page!

  • truffled mashed potatoes (I bought some truffle oil, and am sprucing up my potatoes that way!)
    PS:  This is the recipe for regular mashed potatoes, for truffled potatoes, add 1-2 tsp of truffle oil when you beat in your milk/cream, and you have decadent mashed potatoes
  • glazed carrots and parsnips
  • brussel sprouts with bacon
  • sweet potato and quinoa soup
  • broccoli-cauliflower at gratin
  • beef gravy

I will serve the sweet potato quinoa soup while I prepare the rest of the dishes, and get them ready to serve for Christmas!

What are you cooking for Christmas dinner?

With Love,
Miss Lindsie


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