foil pack potatoes

No Fuss Foil Pack Potatoes

No fuss and no clean up – my kinda dinner! These easy Foil Pack Potatoes are ready to go on the grill (or in the oven) in about 5 minutes and they make a fantastic side dish to any summer meal! Foil Pack Potatoes remind me of being a kid […]

Grilled Green Chili and Pepper Jack Cheeseburger

I’m not usually a cheeseburger fan, but there is a place here in Colorado called Smash Burger that has changed my mind about burgers!  This isn’t a post about Smash Burger – although if they wanted to give me free burgers or something for a year I wouldn’t mind, but […]

grilled london broil

Simple and Delicious Grilled London Broil Recipe

No more dry, chewy London Broil.  This London Broil is juicy and flavorful and cooks in just a few minutes!  If you got this e-mail two times, I apologize! So for some reason, all my pictures shrunk – like this one above, and this post didn’t get published.  Usually, I […]