Breakfast with Santa at Hard Rock Cafe Denver

This past Sunday, my family and I were invited to have Breakfast with Santa at Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Denver! One Sunday in December, every year, the Hard Rock Cafe opens a little early to host a Breakfast with Santa. It was such a wonderful way to spend some quality family time together, and celebrate the spirit of the holiday!

Breakfast with Santa this year was more than just breakfast!  There was also a Donut Decorating Station, a Stocking Decorating Station – to decorate your stocking filled of goodies from Santa, and performers from Circus Collective!

Breakfast was served buffet style and included; eggs, bacon, hash browns, fresh fruit, pancakes, pastries and cereal. To drink there was coffee, orange juice and milk.  They also had a drink menu to order from if you wanted something else.  Anthony got a hot chocolate, and Mommy had a mimosa! The line of the buffet moved quickly, and the staff was constantly putting out fresh food, and filling the juice and coffee carafes.  As we were eating, Santa walked in, and said “hello” to all of the kiddos!

Santa was great, and took his time with each kid, really making them feel special.  Santa even remembered the boys names, and said goodbye to them as we were leaving.  Each child received a stocking filled with goodies from Santa that they were able to decorate at the Stocking Decorating Station.

The Donut Decorating Station was the very first thing we did!  The table was filled with donuts, donut holes, a big vat of melted chocolate, and lots of different choices for topping the donuts!  This station was such a huge hit, and the table was filled with kids, and parents decorating their donuts!

Next to the Donut Decorating Station was the “elves” from Circus Collective, putting on shows throughout the morning.  And the whole time, there was Christmas music playing! These ladies were so incredibly talented, and everyone was just mesmerized by each performance.  Folks on the top floor were even getting up out of their seats to see if the elves were performing again!


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Being invited to the Hard Rock Cafe last Sunday was just what our family needed to rev-up our holiday spirit.  The staff was so sweet, and you could tell how everyone WANTED to be there, and just how much work went into making Breakfast with Santa a success.  This is something that I would recommend to anyone with young kids. The Hard Rock Cafe really made Breakfast with Santa feel magical. I can’t wait to go back next year!

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