Life can be frustrating.  I’m sure you knew that.  But, this frustration is starting to all make sense, and it makes sense why I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to, and makes sense why I’ve just felt, well… bleh.

My health hasn’t been the best lately, and the walls came crashing down on Friday (last Friday), when I fell again, and needed to go to the ER.  I’ve fallen a few times in the past, but I just always chalked it up to my lack of coordination.  But, the pain in my hip has progressively been getting worse, and I’ve been getting dizzy too, among other things… so it’s just been adding up.  The last two falls I have had were bad, and the last one left me basically immobile for three days.  NOT fun with a two year old running around the house.  Thank God for D.J. though – I don’t know what I would do without him.  He has been so amazing to me throughout all of this – and continues to love me, and take care of me.  He truly is an amazing man and I am very, very blessed.

So at the hospital, DJ carried me in, and stuck my butt in a wheelchair.  After the rolled me into the hospital room, DJ helped me up into bed, and the process began.  Like always, they checked my vitals; temperature, BP, pulse and respiration.  Everything checked out, so what was next?  I was asked about 1000 questions – all trying to get to the bottom of my fall, and what brought me into the hospital.  Again, thank God D.J. was there, because I was NOT in the frame of mind to answer questions and give appropriate answers.  I was flaky.  And to be honest, whether or not I was going to miss the food drive I was supposed to do on Saturday with the Food Bank or not was weighing heavily on my mind – I did not want to let anyone down at the Food Bank, although they would understand.

The doc came in an evaluated me, did a FEW functional tests and checked my numbness, and then just ordered tests.  First, I got a whole slew of blood work – ugh.  She jammed that needle into my veins, and kept drawing blood, and then left the dang IV in.  Ouch.  I really am a baby when I get sick – I’m such a bad patient!  Sorry D.J.  haha.  Then, it was time for an EKG, which is a test for my heart.  After those, the doc ordered two CT scans, as D.J. had already taken X-Rays.  The CT scans were taken on my hip, and one on my brain.

As we waited for CT results, the power in the hospital went out. There was a tornado going through town on Friday, and it got pretty nasty for a while, and caused some power outages. The rest of my visit to the ER that day, the hospital was running on generator power!  When the results came back, the doc said that they couldn’t see much on either CT, and would require further testing.  Pause for laughs now.  This means that I need to see an orthopedist and a neurologist.  The reason the doc ordered the brain CT was because he was worried about my dizzy spells, and how they have made me fall in the past, and that they have been progressively getting worse and the other problems that have been accompanying them; including the numbness and tingling in my arms and legs.  I was send home with some instructions to call the docs, and schedule an appointment for followups, and to come back if things got worse or if I was dizzy, nauseous, or if I fell again.

Things were feeling a little better –  I had a good weekend, and thennnnn Wednesday, it all came back.  On Wednesday, I fell again, and was extremely dizzy all day.  I’m used to the dizzyness, I usually just need to sit down, and sip on some cool water and it goes away.  It did. Then, my legs went numb, and were freeeeezing cold.  And, I was losing sensation in both legs – not just my right leg, like it was on Friday.  And then, the chest pains set in.  I called DJ right away.  The chest pains stretched right around on my left side to my back, and it really was the first time I was super concerned.

Back to the ER we went.  By the time we got there, the chest pains were gone, but my leg was still bugging me.  Since they told us to come back if things got worse, or the pain was still there, we thought that maybe they might do something.  This time I was hooked up to machines, and had all these pads and probes stuck to me, measuring my heart rate, and breathing.  I had another EKG, and that was normal, and the abundance of blood work they took came back normal.  So, what was next?

They chalked the numbness, pain and loss of sensation in my legs and the chest pain up to needing to see a neurologist – again.  The original doctor was thinking maybe a seizure disorder, or possible MS.  I have a family history of MS, so seeing a neurologist would get to the bottom of all my issues.  It truly has been a long time coming, but I have never been as bad as this past week.

To be honest, I feel so awful about it all.  I feel bad for putting all of this extra stress on D.J., and I feel even worse for not being able to be the best Momma I can to Anthony.  It is time to see a doc.  When I was in Canada, I had similar issues when I was 16.  I was in the hospital for quite a few days, and they ran a ton of tests.  It wasn’t anything like the healthcare system here though.  They did all of these tests, but nothing as quick as they do here.  I guess it’s true – you get what you pay for.

My plan… First steps are that I am sticking to  this detox plan, well, kinda, and I am going to start healing my body with proper eating.  I know that eating properly and juicing, and exercising can help my body heal – and will relieve some of these symptoms I am experiencing.

I feel great today, and I truly hope that I keep feeling this great.  It’s so frustrating not being able to do what I want to do.  Dr. Flynn and D.J. checked me out yesterday, and did a whole bunch of tests on my hip and moved it all different ways, and they think that together they can get me mobile again which is awesome, so all I really have to worry about is getting that neurologist appointment and seeing what comes next.

Writing about my experience has helped too – and I think it will continue to help throughout my healing process.  I am going to keep updating here, and over at my other site,  Eatingfourlife is a perfect fit as it encompasses my other side; nutrition, juicing, sustainability and fitness, and I can share the juicing and raw recipes that I am eating and making with my followers.

I am off to work on my hip hikes, and strengthen my leg so that I can start chasing after Anthony again, and finally get in some outside time!

With Love,
Miss Lindsie


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